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Description:Stat48Pro is complete inferential statistics library written in System RPL. Essentially all hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, and sample sizes covered in a two quarter introductory statistics curriculum are computed by Stat48Pro. Included is a data manager which stores sample data sends statistics from stored data directly into input forms for the various statistical analysis applications. Some non-parametric tests are supported as well. This package is an upgrade to Stat48 by the same author -- more tests, confidence intervals, and samples sizes are handled. The new version is in library form, is easier to use, and runs more quickly. New features: normal probability plots, rank sums, minor bug fixes.
Current version:1.0
Author:Scott Guth:
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File date:2001-03-26 03:47:12
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Library contents:stat48pr.lib: Library 1043, StatPro
User comments:Athar Pasha
2019-04-17 14:53:07
I am noticing that the standalone CI calculations are incorrect but the gui-based are correct. Anyone else seen that?

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