Description:Star Plotter produces simple star maps with familiar constellations for anytime of the day, similar to those found in Astronomy and Sky & Telescope magazine. A total of 188 stars make up the database which includes the proper name of the star, magnitude, right ascension and declination. In v1.1, the plotting speed has been improved, and there are minor bug fixes.
Current version:1.1
Authors:Arnold Moy
John B. Call
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Primary category:Science/Astronomy
File date:2001-12-22 10:35:36
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Version history:2001-12-22: Updated to version 1.1
1997-08-21: Added to site
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User comments:Dennis Straley
2001-06-29 23:14:41
This version of Starplotter does not plot the position of the stars correctly with version R ROM, but is otherwise a very well designed and useful program. It includes a handy "search" feature to locate a nearby star and includes some catalog information for it.

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