Description:Lemmings clone: save the lemmings from killing themselves. Now includes Spanish translation.
Authors:Christophe Dupont de Dinechin
Jérémie F. Bellanger: http://www.geocities.com/jfbellanger/
Pagala Jala
There are other authors.
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Primary category:Games/Arcade
Languages:ENG ESP  
File date:2003-01-10 13:43:21
Source code:Not included
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Version history:2003-01-10: Updated (no version number specified)
1999-11-15: Added to site
Archive contents:
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
     2569  11-14-99 23:48   eng/leme49g.lib
    10616  11-15-99 23:32   eng/lemm49g.lib
     1114  11-15-99 02:00   eng/readme49.txt
        0  01-03-03 09:56   eng/
    10498  01-03-03 10:01   spa/lemm49g.lib
     2457  01-03-03 10:01   spa/leme49g.lib
        0  01-03-03 09:56   spa/
     1182  01-03-03 10:33   leeme49.txt
 --------                   -------
    28436                   8 files
Library contents:eng/leme49g.lib: Library 1214, LEMEDIT
eng/lemm49g.lib: Library 1213, Lemmings by DINECHIN
spa/lemm49g.lib: Library 1213, Lemmings by DINECHIN
spa/leme49g.lib: Library 1214, LEMEDIT
User comments:Nick Karagiaouroglou
2001-06-20 09:27:12
I don't know why I like this oldie. Perhaps because it was the first game that I ever played on my first Powerbook. (So it reminds me of the time I was young and the world was much easier...) Perhaps because it is so fast, that let's your HP49 look like a very mighty machine. Or perhaps because the user interface is almost exactly the same as I knew it from before.
Anyway, the authors made a very good work. If you like Lemmings you'll like this incarnation.

Philip Rodning
2008-03-25 20:07:18
Absolutely awesome. The key configuration is VERY similar to the PC game, and it works great. The graphics are pretty good, too.
Arthur Donaldson
2014-05-14 06:19:39
Graphics are not perfect on my 50G, has a little flash on the bottom line of the display, but this is a great game.

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