Description:Small utility to easily back up and restore your flags and user keys in port memory.
Current version:1.1
Author:Cyrille Berger
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Primary category:Utils/Interface
File date:2000-01-18 16:02:00
Source code:Not included
Download count:6,489
Version history:1999-12-28: Updated to version 1.1
1999-12-25: Updated to version 1.0
1999-12-21: Added to site
Archive contents:
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 --------    ----   ----    ----
     1605  01-18-00 16:48   ConfigSaver
     1227  12-28-99 15:57   ConfigSaver.txt
     1341  12-28-99 15:57   ConfigSaver_fr.txt
 --------                   -------
     4173                   3 files
Library contents:ConfigSaver: Library 1098, ConfigSaver
User comments:Daniel Jensen
2001-08-02 17:55:15
Good for switching between multiple configurations (for example, one each for physics, math, and people borrowing the calculator who can't do RPN) but not as good as one would think from its name at backing these up- they still disappear after resets. A modification or option to save configs to flash so resets won't affect them would make this program an order of magnitude better.

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