Circuitos Electricos NW

Description:This is an RLC electrical circuits simulator with a very easy environment to work. Also includes an option that plots the current and voltage between two nodes of circuit. Now written in System RPL and contains more options than other versions. Adds a splash screen that slows down the startup of your calculator.
Current version:5.0
Author:Nicolas Mejia Correa
Downloaded file size:34,996 bytes
Size on calculator:24 KB
User rating:8.7/10 with 3 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Science/Electricity
File date:2002-12-28 15:27:47
Source code:Not included
Download count:25,529
Version history:2002-12-28: Updated to version 5.0
2002-09-23: Updated to version 5.0
2002-01-20: Updated to version 2.0
2001-01-19: Updated to version 1.1-B
2001-01-03: Updated to version 1.1-B
2000-11-25: Added to site
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    45056  09-23-02 00:03   Circuitos electricos/CENWHELP.doc
     4504  09-23-02 00:03   Circuitos electricos/CENWhelp.txt
    24112  09-23-02 00:29   Circuitos electricos/CENW.L1099
        0  08-06-02 13:49   Circuitos electricos/
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Library contents:Circuitos electricos/CENW.L1099: Library 1099, C.E. NW 5.0
User comments:Jansen Anunciação
2003-08-16 02:22:19
This program is very good,but same it being made in Sysyem Rpl, it is slow too much to use it in a teste. But the program is very well made
Gustavo Avellar
2005-10-25 13:27:42
The program do its job very well, but it could have a English version.
axel91 garcia
2011-02-02 16:06:56
cuando le doy a crear circuito me pone que ese nombre ya existe.. y ponga el nombre que ponga de circuito me dice lo mismo.. que hago!!
Jorge Cotella
2011-06-11 08:46:21
The program is a litle slow, it´s true, I've managed to solve a circuit with 3 resistors and 3 voltage sources in 1:55 min, also the work enviroment is small and you can´t perform complex or larger circuits but is very well done, a great program if you´re a student and you want to check your results
francisco contento
2012-10-27 14:33:10
Muy bueno programa excelente, aunque demora un poco pero es muy bueno
Raul Spada
2013-01-10 21:18:18
hola un favor al poner solucionar el circuito se sale del programa y me sale lo siguiente purge error non-empty directory, que puedo hacer???

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