Description:Probably the best Tetris clone in grayscale.
Current version:1.1
Authors:Laurent Jouanneau
Lilian Pigallio: http://web.archive.org/web/20131116224925/http://perso.atsat.com/pigallio/Hp48/Lil_hp48.htm
Downloaded file size:47,280 bytes
Size on calculator:29 KB
Platforms:49/50 39/40  
User rating:6/10 with 2 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Games/Arcade
File date:2001-05-18 22:06:16
Source code:Not included
Download count:11,699
Version history:2001-05-18: Added to site
Archive contents:
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    29121  04-25-01 22:55   jytris49.lib
     1093  04-27-01 00:37   Readme.txt
       67  04-27-01 00:09   HP39DIR.000
       31  10-13-00 10:16   HP39DIR.CUR
    29875  04-27-01 00:30   Jytris00.000
       37  10-13-00 10:13   LIB1537L.000
 --------                   -------
    60224                   6 files
Library contents:jytris49.lib: Library 797, JYTRIS 1.1 by JYLOG, HP49 version by Lilian Pigallio
User comments:Kevin Frandsen
2001-09-09 14:49:46
Probably the Best Tetris clone for the 48/49 out there.

A few bugs, like the keyboard not reporting the correct keys in the keys setup in-game, but still playable. Just remember what YOU input, and ignore what the screen says.
Rob Speer
2002-01-14 00:06:10
Well, I commend this game for being faster at line-checking than other HP Tetris games. This one at least doesn't pause for half a second after every piece. However, it has its own fatal flaw.

This game focuses so much on the pretty interface that it forgets to be fun. The pieces never start falling faster! Imagine playing the original Tetris except it wouldn't let you advance past level 0.

There is still no decent Tetris clone for the HP49.

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