Description:Library version of BZ compressor. Make it easier to use the best compressor for the HP 48/49.
Current version:1.0
Author:Ricardo Blasco Serrano
There are other authors.
Downloaded file size:23,598 bytes
Size on calculator:2 KB
Platforms:49/50 48  
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Primary category:Utils/Compress
File date:2001-12-01 23:09:16
Source code:Not included
Download count:8,339
Version history:2001-12-02: Added to site
Archive contents:
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
     1611  11-25-01 12:37   BZLIB
     1611  11-25-01 12:37   BZGXLIB
     1618  11-25-01 12:47   BZ49LIB
     8643  11-25-01 22:39
     9943  11-25-01 22:45
      618  11-25-01 22:53   BZ.TXT
 --------                   -------
    24044                   6 files
Library contents:BZLIB: Library 1770, BZ
BZGXLIB: Library 1770, BZ
BZ49LIB: Library 1770, BZ
User comments:Duncan Smith
2002-10-24 14:29:47
This is a pretty good program. It has a <i>reasonable</i> compresion and decompression speed, although it is a bit hard to start using for the first time (it mostly lacks documentation), although I started with this instead of the original BZ so I won't make judgement.
It's somewhat intuitive in RPN mode, you just put the object on the stack and press the softkey for bz() and your compressed object is placed in a string on the stack.
Hewever, there could be something to automatically make a file/object, although I haven't looked very hard.

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