Ricardo Blasco Serrano

First Name:Ricardo
Last Name:Blasco Serrano
Last Change:2001-12-02
Number of Files:2 (781st most prolific)
Number of Downloads:13,012 (850th most downloaded)

BZLIB 1.0   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   24 KB / 2 KB
Library version of BZ compressor. Make it easier to use the best compressor for the HP 48/49.
By Ricardo Blasco Serrano and others. 2001-12-02

Tangent   (details) 39/40 ENG ESP   3 KB / 1 KB
Get the tangent to a function given in F1(x) in a point you choose. It will be written in F2(x) so you can watch it in the plot view. Really interesting!
By Ricardo Blasco Serrano. 2001-05-27

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