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Description:Solves all type of triangles, useful tool to use in programs for engineering, mathematics, etc. Angles input and exit in decimal degrees. Written in 30% System RPL and 70% User RPL.
Current version:2.1
Author:Jose Flores
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Primary category:Math/Misc
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File date:2002-11-14 12:42:11
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Version history:2002-11-14: Added to site
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     1662  10-29-02 06:26   ALLTRIANGLE2.1.gif
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Library contents:ALLTRIANGLE2.1.lib: Library 918, ALLTRIANGLE2.1
User comments:Giancarlo Berenz Peña
2002-11-20 08:55:39
Esteprograma es excelente
Vince Davis
2011-05-28 21:03:51
This is a good app, I had no difficulty in installing and running this on the 50G. It is apps that run like this that make me very happy with both the author of the app and my 50G as compared to a toy in any TI. I am especially happy that the author wrote this app for the public domain so that I would be able to view the programming as an aid to learning how to program the 50G, I have experienced a great deal of difficulty in programming the 50G.

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