Big photo-real 48SX skin for EMU48

Description:Large photographic emulator of HP 48SX for EMU48, based on Guglielmo Pasa's excellent original "Gui's HP48S/SX", with new calculator photographic image with more 3D detail, brighter display screen, flatter buttons, and fix for calculator being 1 pixel too narrow.
Author:Arno Kuhl:
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2009-11-01 19:05:24
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Version history:2009-11-01: Added to site
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   923856  10-27-09 03:44   HP48S.bmp
     4022  06-05-99 23:06   HP48S.ICO
     3110  08-03-06 20:52   HP48S.KMI
     4722  10-26-09 20:05   HP48S.KML
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User comments:ravi bassi
2010-11-15 09:05:51
The look is just like the one out of the box. Superb. Feels and works like the real one. MUST HAVE.

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