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Big photo-real 48SX skin for EMU48   (details) 48 ENG   374KB
Large photographic emulator of HP 48SX for EMU48, based on Guglielmo Pasa's excellent original "Gui's HP48S/SX", with new calculator photographic image with more 3D detail, brighter display screen, flatter buttons, and fix for calculator being 1 pixel too narrow.
By Arno Kuhl. 2009/11/01

Surface and Flux Integrals   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Implementation of surface and flux integrals, returning the surface of the paraboloid.
By Arno Kuhl. 2017/11/05

Taylorani   (details) Prime ENG   20KB/8KB
Displays a (hopefully) animated Taylor approximation of a function that can be entered via View: Input Data. There is sine without using input and cosine preselected in input.
By Arno Kuhl. 2017/11/12

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