Description:A 2D Minecraft game, though still early in the development process.
Current version:4.0
Author:Alex GT
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Size on calculator:1278 KB
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Primary category:Games
File date:2017-02-15 22:20:03
Source code:Not included
Download count:1,815
Version history:2017-02-15: Added to site
Archive contents:
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    33396  2017-02-15 22:13   blocks.png
        0  2017-02-15 22:09   MinePrime.hpappdir/
      735  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/DefaultSkin.png
     1874  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/icon.png
     8638  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/Main_Title.png
     1000  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/MinePrime.hpapp
      532  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/MinePrime.hpappnote
    15232  2017-02-15 22:16   MinePrime.hpappdir/MinePrime.hpappprgm
  1200144  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/MinePrime.hpappvars
    80702  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/TEX_Terrain.png
       48  2015-07-14 09:32   MinePrime.hpappdir/WMAT
     4113  2017-02-15 22:17   mineprime.txt
---------                     -------
  1346414                     12 files
User comments:Bobby e
2022-01-27 21:49:20
I can't get this to work on my G2. The main menu will open but as soon as I pick an option it goes to a green spreadsheet. Anyone else have this happen or manage to run this recently?
Skyler Gessner
2022-04-30 11:54:10
I've had the same issue on my G2 as well. The main menu loads, but when I press the new world button, it shows the loading bar as if it is generating terrain, but then goes to a green spreadsheet. If I press the load world button, it briefly flashes a menu with what looks like the save menu, but before I can select a save to load, it switches to the green spreadsheet.

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