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2048   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/7KB
The game of 2048. Keyboard input only, no touch screen support.
By Francois Lanciault. 2014/10/19

2048 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/15KB
ScreenshotPrime port of Gabriele Cirulli's popular game 2048, re-written in Python.
By José Felten. 2021/11/24

2048 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   201KB/20KB
ScreenshotSlide tiles to combine matching tiles into single tiles with twice the value.
By Tony Gallo. 2022/02/27

Air Hockey   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/9KB
ScreenshotSimulates an air hockey table
By Alex GT. 2017/02/16

AlmostBlockOut 1.05   (details) Prime ENG   18KB/92KB
ScreenshotClone of the game Almost BlockOut, which is a kind of 3D Tetris game.
Author unknown. 2017/02/11

Angry Birds   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/5KB
ScreenshotInspired by the Angry Birds game for other mobile platforms.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/12/22

Asteroid 1.2.64   (details) Prime ENG   35KB/3KB
ScreenshotSpaceship game where you must dodge asteroids and lasers.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

At The Races   (details) Prime ENG   32KB/5KB
ScreenshotSimulates a race between seven racers. Betting is not included.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/06/03

Bang 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   16KB/15-50KB
ScreenshotA game for 1 or 2 players where one side must fire bullets at the other side, and the other side must avoid being hit by them.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/13

Bejeweled 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/29KB
ScreenshotClone of Bejeweled, where you must swap colored blocks in order to get three in a row of the same color to eliminate them.
By Chong Wang. 2017/02/11

Blackjack 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   12KB/18KB
ScreenshotA simple Blackjack game. Nothing fancy. No insurance, no splitting, etc.; it was just for learning programming.
Author unknown. 2018/10/14

Breakout   (details) Prime ENG   11KB/47KB
ScreenshotBounce the ball off the bricks to break them all.
By Egan Ford (datajerk). 2014/01/09

Bricks 0.3   (details) Prime ENG   10KB/36KB
ScreenshotTetris clone.
By Felis Sylvestris. 2015/08/15

Card Sharks Odds   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/2KB
The game show Card Sharks may have long been off-air except for reruns on GSN or BUZZR (or even finding videos on YouTube), the game show is still popular. It is a simple game involving a standard deck of 52 cards. The object is to predict whether the next card is higher in rank or lower in rank than the preceding card. In Card Sharks, aces always count as high. Along with aces, twos are very desirable, while eights are the worst cards in the deck. The program CSODDS tracks the odds of whether the next card is higher or lower. CSODDS assumes a 52 card deck (no jokers).
By Eddie W. Shore. 2016/08/04

ChessMaster 1.0   (details) Prime ENG FRA   216KB/26KB
ScreenshotClassical 2 player chess game, allowing you to play using the touch screen. This version does not include check-mate or draw detection, nor does it check the legality of moves.
By Loïc Perrin. 2016/08/02

Chinese Chess 1.1   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/12KB
ScreenshotTwo-player implementation of Chinese chess.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Chinese Klotski - NumVersion 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/6KB
ScreenshotYou have 15 numbered squares in a grid, and you must slide them around to put them in order. This update enables randomly generated color styles, each time opened, colors will be different from the former using RANDINT.
By Xinyang He and Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2022/07/31

Chip8 Sample   (details) Prime ENG   23KB/22-29KB
ScreenshotCHIP-8 is a very old simple language/virtual machine with only 4 KB of memory. This emulates several old CHIP ROMs: Pong, Space Invaders, and Tetris.
By Erwin Ried. 2014/02/01

Colores   (details) Prime ENG ESP   26KB/1KB
ScreenshotLets the user scroll through various colors (black/blanco, gray/gris, white/blanco, etc.) using the plus and minus buttons, showing the names in both English and Spanish.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/05/28

Columns   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/31KB
ScreenshotTetris-like puzzle. It takes place inside a tall, rectangular playing area. Columns of three different symbols (such as differently-colored jewels) appear, one at a time, at the top of the well and fall to the bottom, landing either on the floor or on top of previously-fallen "Columns".
By Han Duong (HPSolo). 2014/10/19

Conways' Game of Life 2.4   (details) Prime ENG   11KB/15KB
Simulation of Conway's Game of Life.
By Patrice Torchet. 2014/10/19

Copycat   (details) Prime ENG   62KB/109KB
ScreenshotAn incomplete clone of Terry Cavanagh's Copycat. Written in python. Currently only 3 powers are implemented, and the game is kind of laggy and buggy, but it is totally playable. Warning: flashes of light included.
By febilly. 2022/02/27

Cube 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   135KB/108KB
Screenshot3D cube puzzle simulator, like a Rubik's Cube. A 3D cube is displayed in 3D from two views; front/top and back/bottom. Moves are made using the keypad numbers followed by + or -. A list of moves in standard form is maintained on screen, plus exported to a list variable (L0.) A help screen is supplied and accessible from the 'Help' button inside the app.
By Steve Wright. 2020/12/30

   (details) Prime   1KB/1KB
ScreenshotDice throwing simulation game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

Défi de Courage - Triconcours 2018   (details) Prime FRA   28KB/36KB
ScreenshotThe triforce of courage was divided into eight fragments scattered around the four corners of Hyrule's sky. Fortunately the Cyclos storm god lends you his flying cloud, the famous Kinto1. The legend tells that rare are the beings able to ride it, that one must have the perfectly pure heart. Collect a maximum of fragments to realize the best possible score! The game allows you to control Kinto1 directly with your calculator, with two control modes: manual, where you control in real time the movements of the cloud with not 4 but 3 keys, and autopilot, where you provide the movements in advance in the form of a list, switching to manual mode once the list is exhausted. In either case you will be given a score that your goal is to maximize. Created for a French competition through TI-Planet.
By Xavier Andréani. 2018/10/14

Défi de Force - Triconcours 2018   (details) Prime FRA   17KB/23KB
ScreenshotUsing a control panel of 30 potentiometers from 0 to 1 that control up to 252 lamps, light up the maximum number of light bulbs with minimal energy while wasting as little as possible. Created for a French competition through TI-Planet.
By Xavier Andréani. 2018/10/14

Dichotomy   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/4KB
ScreenshotAn implementation of the Dichotomy number guessing game.
By Pinkman. 2020/06/06

Drawing Cards and Video Poker   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/5KB
ScreenshotA function that draws a set number of cards from a deck of 52 standard playing cards, along with a program that uses it to allow you to play poker.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2020/04/12

Five-In-A-Row 2.4   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/18KB
ScreenshotPlay against the computer to get five in a row first.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Flappy Bird   (details) Prime ENG   14KB/17KB
ScreenshotA clone of the briefly-popular Flappy Bird mobile phone app.
Author unknown. 2017/02/15

Flood It 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   67KB/21KB
ScreenshotGiven a grid with squares of different colors, your goal is to flood the entire grid, starting in the upper left corner, with the same color within 25 steps.
By Tony Gallo. 2020/04/11

G2048 3.4   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/17KB
ScreenshotThe popular game of 2048, where you need to add the numbers in the squares to make powers of two.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Game of 15   (details) Prime   3KB/5KB
ScreenshotYou have 15 numbered squares in a grid, and you must slide them around to put them in order.
By Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2017/02/15

Geogame   (details) Prime ENG   163KB/168KB
ScreenshotHow well do you know your world? Touchscreen game where you are given a location and you must touch the map as close as possible to the actual location.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017/05/02

Goal   (details) Prime ENG   158KB/161KB
ScreenshotA simple goal shooting game. Just press left and right to move the player, ENTER to shoot, and ESC to quit.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017/08/23

Gravity 6.0   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/22KB
ScreenshotA gravity simulator. Press shift to create a planet, alpha to create a star, and EEX to create a black hole.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Hangman 2.1.3   (details) Prime ENG   155KB/245KB
ScreenshotImplementation of hangman, where you must guess the word before the man is drawn.
By Tony Gallo. 2017/04/22

Haus 3.0   (details) Prime DEU   14KB/40KB
ScreenshotFind yourself in an unknown house, with no idea how you came or how to leave. Just a simple programming exercise in the style of old text adventures with small graphics. If you have to wait for about 30 min, you can play it to fill the time.
By E. Fileschi. 2020/04/11

Hearts 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/25KB
ScreenshotPlay the card game of Hearts.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

High Performance   (details) Prime   6KB/7KB
ScreenshotBased on the game High Performance #1, written for the 48. The screen is divided into 9 rectangular parts (3*3), and each digit (1-9) corresponds to a random combination of rectangle that will be blacked out. From a white screen, you have to blacken the 9 zones. To add to the challenge, if one or more areas of the screen are already blackened from the combination of the number played, they become white again.
Author unknown. 2017/05/20

I Wanna 4.14 Beta   (details) Prime ENG   144KB/74-554KB
ScreenshotImplementation of "I Wanna Be The Guy". The parameters and graphics are almost the same as the original Windows game. However, many functions such as platforms are not included for performance reasons, and the collision contact is also not as well implemented as the original one.
By Chong Wang. 2017/07/04

Iconmaster Tetris   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/23KB
ScreenshotAnother simple Tetris implementation.
Author unknown. 2017/02/16

Invader   (details) Prime ENG   14KB/43KB
ScreenshotThe classic Space Invaders game. Shoot the aliens before they shoot you.
Author unknown. 2014/01/09

Invader 3.1.4   (details) Prime ENG   22KB/46KB
ScreenshotClone of the famous game Space Invaders, where you must shoot the aliens before they shoot you. Also includes a level editor and a sample level.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Jeu du nombre mystère (plus ou moins)   (details) Prime FRA   1KB/1KB
ScreenshotNumber guessing game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

John Conway's Game of Life   (details) Prime ENG   18KB/8KB
ScreenshotAnother implementation of the Game of Life. Presently there are three pre-canned starting patterns and the app only renders the first 50 generations but it is a start..
By Brian Tabone. 2020/12/30

JPL 1.00.004   (details) Prime ENG   16KB/166KB
ScreenshotFly a rocket and try to go through as many checkpoints as possible. The longer you survive, the more points you get. A rough port of a TI-84 Plus CE game.
Author unknown. 2019/02/27

Knife 6.1   (details) Prime ENG   11KB/33KB
ScreenshotSimilar to Fruit Ninja. Use your mouse to operate. Red circles are bombs, so you should avoid cutting them.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Landlord 2.1   (details) Prime ENG   17KB/57KB
ScreenshotCard game of Landlord.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Lights Out   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/41KB
ScreenshotGame where you must turn out all the lights.
By Ariel Palazzesi. 2014/01/09

Lunar Lander   (details) Prime ENG   1941KB/19KB
ScreenshotThe lunar lander is 500 ft above the moon with a downward velocity of 50 ft/s and has 120 units of fuel. The height, velocity, and remaining fuel are displayed. The program will pause for up to 60 seconds. Enter the number of units of fuel you wish to burn during the next second, then press the Enter key. The new height, velocity and remaining fuel are displayed. The maximum amount of fuel you can burn at one time is 30 units. Adapted from the Rocket program in Basic Computer Games, MicroComputer Edition, 1978 by David H. Ahl.
By Gene Shiomoto. 2017/02/11

Lunar Lander 2   (details) Prime ENG   336KB/28KB
ScreenshotThe lunar lander is 120 miles above the moon with a downward velocity of 3600 mph and has 16,000 pounds of fuel. The time, height, velocity, and remaining fuel are displayed. Enter the number of pounds of fuel (0, or between 8 and 200) you wish to burn per second during the next 10 seconds, then press the Enter key. The new height, velocity and remaining fuel are displayed, as well as a graph of the descent. The maximum amount of fuel you can burn at one time is 30 units. Adapted from Jim Storer's 1969 Lunar Lander simulator program that was written in FOCAL-69.
By Gene Shiomoto. 2021/09/25

Magic Tower   (details) Prime ENG   413KB/620KB
ScreenshotAn adventure game where you must explore a tower, fight enemies, collect keys, and buy powerups.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Magic Tower 50   (details) Prime ENG   548KB/354KB
ScreenshotThe classic Chinese adventure game Magic Tower, where you must explore a 50-level tower, fight enemies, collect keys, and buy powerups. For a calculator game, this game is very intricate, challenging and fun. Well worth the time to defeat Zeno! Includes both the original version, with most text in Chinese, and an English translated version.
Unknown original author and Chong Wang. 2021/06/16

Mastermind 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   89KB/17KB
ScreenshotWell-done implementation of the famous code-breaking game. Each code peg can be one of 6 colors or vacant if you choose that option. When you submit your guess, black and white key pegs will provide feedback.
By Tony Gallo. 2020/04/11

Maze 3D 1.6   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/21KB
ScreenshotA 3D game where you need to eat 3 red diamonds and then eat the cyan diamond to win. Press alpha to step forward and shift to go backward, and use the touchscreen to look around.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/10

Memory   (details) Prime FRA   6KB/11KB
ScreenshotA little memory game, where the numbers 1 to 9 appear on the screen and are hidden by rectangles.
Author unknown. 2017/02/15

Minehunt   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/10KB
ScreenshotImplementation of the Minehunt game from the 48 series.
By Lars Fredriksson. 2017/02/15

MinePrime 4.0   (details) Prime ENG   131KB/1278KB
ScreenshotA 2D Minecraft game, though still early in the development process.
By Alex GT. 2017/02/15

Minesweeper   (details) Prime ENG   18KB/50KB
ScreenshotA fairly faithful version of the classic Minesweeper game, where you must clear all spaces without mines.
By Tom Hubrecht. 2018/09/23

Minesweeper 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/20KB
ScreenshotClone of the popular puzzle game found on most older versions of Windows. Drag on the touchscreen to move the cursor, press [ENTER] to left-click, and press [DEL] to right-click.
By José Felten. 2021/11/24

Minesweeper 1.4.4   (details) Prime ENG   78KB/38KB
ScreenshotFaithful touch-based implementation of the mine hunting game.
By Tony Gallo. 2018/07/29

Money Machine Game   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/4KB
ScreenshotA simple game where the machine randomizes between $250 to $50,000. Press [Enter] whenever you feel lucky.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/06/17

MOVEM   (details) Prime ENG   10KB/10KB
ScreenshotSimple game where the objective is to collect dollar signs (coins) to unlock the boundary at the top of the screen to allow access to the goal. Trees block your progress. Avoid the purple foes at all times, one touch and it's over! One purple foe jumps around randomly while two fly horizontal.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2014/10/19

Number of Triangles Puzzle   (details) Prime ENG   50KB/3KB
The program calculates the number of triangles in a geometric figure. Number all the intersection points and tell the calculator the interconnected points, and it will determine how many triangles it makes.
Author unknown. 2016/08/06

Opossum Massage Simulator 1.01   (details) Prime ENG   20KB/60KB
ScreenshotMassage the possum to repel aliens from outer space! Inspired from some opossum massage video on Youtube. Originally released in April 2016 for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-Nspire CX, Windows and Android. Opossums are said to have good alien repelling capabilities, but to be able to do so they must be happy. On the eve of an alien invasion, you are thus sent the unholy task of massaging an opossum to send them back into space!
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2022/07/31

Pentaminos   (details) Prime ENG FRA ESP   17KB/99KB
ScreenshotTiling a Rectangle 5xN by Pentominoes. Seeks solutions (and registers in a spreadsheet), displays solutions, and rebuilds a specified solution.
By Michel Déchamps. 2014/10/19

Plants vs Zombies 1.6   (details) Prime ENG   24KB/42KB
ScreenshotSimilar to the popular phone game, where you control the plants and must protect the garden from zombies.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Pokédex   (details) Prime ENG   485KB/575KB
ScreenshotDatabase of statistics, types, sizes, categories, sprites, names, categories, descriptions, typings, and more, for Pokémon characters.
By Leo Chaing. 2019/01/17

Poker   (details) Prime FRA   1KB/1KB
ScreenshotPoker game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

Pong   (details) Prime ENG   146KB/266KB
ScreenshotA pong game. You can play against a second player or against the calculator. There are four different styles available, including retro and modern.
By David Traum. 2017/08/17

Pong 0.1   (details) Prime ENG   18KB/38KB
ScreenshotThe famous PONG game, now available on the Prime. Features: 3 modes (1 Player, 2 Players, and demo), 3 difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, expert), and black and white graphics for the real retro feeling.
By Jurgen Keller. 2014/10/18

Racer V35Get It   (details) Prime ENG   71KB/97KB
ScreenshotOutrun style racing game, with amazing graphics, just like the old Sega game.
By Mark Power. 2018/02/18

Radioactive Wastes   (details) Prime ENG   115KB/24KB
ScreenshotLooks similar to Sokoban but is actually fairly different. There are four kinds of objects: blue cold waste (after pushing it, it will roll until it hits a barrier), red warm waste (comes from a combination of two or more cold waste and cannot be moved), animated red critical mass waste (cold waste or warm waste can change into critical mass when it touches the critical mass), and boxes (you can push them and they will not roll).
By Piotr Kowalewski. 2015/10/24

SameGame 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   208KB/32KB
ScreenshotClear the board by selecting groups of adjacent circles of the same color. The points for a group increase with its size.
By Tony Gallo. 2022/07/31

SCHIP Emulator   (details) Prime ENG   17KB/34+KB
ScreenshotSCHIP emulator, including Pong, Space Invaders and Tetris ROMs as samples. Some games don't work as expected, but it should play many CHIP and SCHIP games.
By Mark Power. 2015/08/19

Simon 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   43KB/15KB
ScreenshotImplementation of Simon Says, where you must repeat the pattern shown to you.
By Tony Gallo. 2020/04/11

Sinus Ranger   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/32KB
ScreenshotA 2D open world game similar to Minecraft. You can explore an infinite world with varying terrain, build with different kinds of blocks, dig into the ground, and shoot enemies.
By David Traum. 2017/02/15

Slider   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/14KB
ScreenshotSimple sliding panels game.
By John Olwoch. 2013/12/22

Slider 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   181KB/24KB
ScreenshotSlider game, where the object of the game is to put the tiles back in proper numeric order.
By Tony Gallo. 2022/02/27

Slider TPPTB 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   17KB/28KB
ScreenshotA game where you slide a box around on a square graphic.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/10

Snake 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/4-8KB
ScreenshotRecreation of the classic Snake game, where you eat dots and grow bigger, while trying not to run into yourself.
Author unknown. 2017/02/15

Sokoban 1.5   (details) Prime ENG   31KB/124KB
ScreenshotPush the blocks into their storage locations without getting stuck by a wall. Lots of fun, and many levels. Now has some improvements: made compatible with the Prime G2 and the latest firmware, keys control support in addition to touch control, best scores history, last move undo, and other bug fixes.
By Ariel Palazzesi and Daniel Bausset. 2020/04/11

Solitaire - Baker's Game 1.29   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/27KB
ScreenshotSolitaire game. Build up suits top left to win. Touch a card to pick it, then tap a destination to move it. Cards can only be moved onto the same suit and in sequence.
By Mark Power. 2018/02/18

Spider 1.4   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/16KB
ScreenshotCard game of Spider solitaire.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Starvault   (details) Prime ENG   114KB/133KB
ScreenshotThe beginning of an implementation of an adventure game, but never finished. Maybe somebody would like to finish it, or at least look at the source code for inspiration.
Author unknown. 2017/02/16

Sudoku 1.2b   (details) Prime ENG   31KB/61KB
ScreenshotThis is a Sudoku editor/solver for the HP Prime. The GUI is a bit rough, but serviceable. Allows you to select the grid size (4x4, 9x9, or 16x16), clear the grid, and solve the problem, showing trivial hints. Includes some demo problems.
By Lennart Börjeson. 2017/02/11

Sukudo 3.6   (details) Prime ENG   25KB/13-78KB
ScreenshotA set of tools for working with Sudoku, allowing you to play the game, solve the game, or make the game.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/13

Supersonic Ball 1.00   (details) Prime ENG   158KB/238KB
ScreenshotA simple side-scrolling platformer/tunnel hybrid where you control a bouncing ball, guiding it to the end of each level. Challenge lies in getting through narrow areas or climbing stuff without bouncing back, and it gets progressively harder to do so as the game progresses. The game features physics, randomized levels, animated graphics, multiple themes to make the game look different, smooth scrolling and parallax backgrounds. Try to get as far as possible as fast as you can without running out of time to get the highest score! For speed reasons, a G2 HP Prime is recommended.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2022/07/31

T-Rex 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   95KB/70KB
ScreenshotT-Rex game modeled after the one in Google Chrome.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2015/09/07

Tetris   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/6KB
ScreenshotSimple implementation of the Tetris falling shapes game.
By Cyrille de Brébisson (HpMad). 2013/12/22

Tetris 1.5   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/18KB
ScreenshotAnother Tetris implementation.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/10

The Price Is Right Wheel Simulation   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/11KB
ScreenshotSimulates the Showcase Showdown round of the game show The Price Is Right. The wheel consists of amounts from 5 cents to 1 dollar in increments of 5 cents. The goal is to get closest to $1.00 without going over. On the game show, the winner of the Showcase Showdown advances to the final Showcase round.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/06/17

The Valley   (details) Prime ENG   232KB/110KB
ScreenshotThis is a port of "The Valley" game to the Prime. The original version was printed as a program listing in the April 1982 edition of Computing Today magazine for the Commodore PET.
By Mark Bush. 2021/09/25

Throwing Dice   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/2KB
ScreenshotSimulates rolling two six-sided dice.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/06/17

Tic Tac Toe   (details) Prime FRA   2KB/8KB
ScreenshotSimple Tic Tac Toe game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/12/22

Tic-Tac-Max 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   136KB/13KB
ScreenshotThe developer wanted to learn about the miniMax algorithm, so he wrote this tic-tac-toe game and implemented miniMax so you could play a game against your Prime, with a full touch screen interface. It checks through 7! (5040) possible moves to make its move.
By Daniel S. Maupin. 2017/02/10

Tower of Hanoi   (details) Prime ENG FRA   7KB/12KB
ScreenshotTower of Hanoi game that allows you to enter a challenge time, and calculates the average time per move or enter an average move time and calculate how long a practical activity with real objects will need. It implements the minimum 3-towers solution to the problem. It lists the required moves in lists L1 (from) and L2 (to). There is no animation of the contents of each tower.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/06

Towers of Hanoi   (details) Prime FRA   2KB/9KB
ScreenshotSimple implementation of the Towers of Hanoi game.
By Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2013/12/22

Trailblazer   (details) Prime ENG   32KB/87KB
ScreenshotMake the ball jump down the track without falling off the edge. Fun! An early work in progress. Calculator must be in degrees mode or it will not run properly.
Author unknown and others. 2020/12/30

Treasure Hunt   (details) Prime ENG   82KB/6KB
ScreenshotModeled after the game board in the 1950s-1980s television show Treasure Hunt. Presents you with 12 boxes, one has $50,000. Select a box by just tapping the screen. You will then be presented with a sure thing. A choose box will be presented where you make your choice to take the sure thing or take a risk and open the box. Good luck!
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/06/03

Tron   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/12KB
ScreenshotA two-layer game where you must avoid hitting the opponent's trail.
By David Traum. 2017/08/17

Tunnel 1.05   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/5KB
ScreenshotThis is the official release of the Prime port of the 39gII Tunnel clone written in BASIC, now adapted for the larger screen and color display. This new version adds speed throttling to ensure that the game runs as close as possible to the same speed as the original Prime on both the emulator and G2 hardware revision of the calculator. It is probably the first ever game ever made available for download for this calculator model. It isn't meant to show coding skills, especially considering the game was made before the author's knowledge of the DIMGROB_P and BLIT_P commands (although an intro transition using them was added afterward), but as you'll see on-calc, even if the entire screen content must be refreshed every frame, it still gets a high frame rate, because of how incredibly fast the calculator is, even with redrawing the entire screen rectangles and score text every frame. As for the multicolor and 3D-ish text effects, they are possible because the HP Prime lets you use text with no background, so all you have to do is superpose multiple copies of that text, gradually changing its color and position through a FOR loop. This also lets you use bold text. To play, just use the UP and DOWN keys and quit with ON.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2020/06/06

Weiqi 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/11KB
ScreenshotTwo-player implementation of Weiqi.
By Chong Wang. 2017/06/12

Wordle 1.1   (details) Prime ENG   332KB/244KB
ScreenshotGuess the word in 6 tries or less.
By Tony Gallo. 2022/02/27

Ze Galactik Forge   (details) Prime FRA   130KB/134KB
ScreenshotGame created for participation in a contest by TI-Planet.
Author unknown. 2017/09/21

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