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Open Channel Flow in a Parabolic Channel   (details) Prime ENG   383KB/16KB
ScreenshotCalculates the normal depth of a parabolic channel in the form of y = Cx^2, where C is the x^2 coefficient or curvature coefficient. The channel depth and width or any other known depth and width must be entered to describe the curvature of the parabola. Enter any three of the four variables (flow rate, depth, slope, and n) and solve for the fourth variable. The wetted perimeter P is calculated using the exact formula per Chow as redefined by Merkley. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation.
By Gene N S. 2018/04/03

Pipe Flow 4.0   (details) Prime ENG   767KB/67KB
ScreenshotCalculate N, Q, S, Dia, or y/D for partially full pipes using Manning's Equation in English or Metric units. The program also computes the corresponding velocity. The depth of flow ratio, y/D, is solved by numerical analysis using the secant method. Where there are two solutions, only the first solution between 0 < y/D < 0.9381 is reported. When solving for the diameter, the calculated diameter and diameter rounded to a standard size are given. This program is a conversion of an old FORTRAN program that was printed in Schaum’s Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics, 1989.
By Gene N S. 2019/04/22

Street Flow (Shallow or Sheet Flow)   (details) Prime ENG   302KB/18KB
ScreenshotCalculates the depth of flow in a composite gutter section using Manning’s equation modified for shallow or sheet flow using the HEC 22 (August 2013) equation that describes Q in terms of Sx, S, and T and not the equivalent equation that described Q in terms of Z, S, and d. Program assumes: (1) the curb face is vertical, (2) friction on the curb face is ignored, and (3) flow is contained in the street and gutter section, even if the water depth is above the height of the curb.
By Gene N S. 2018/05/01

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