Pipe Calculator for Partial Flow

Description:This pipe calculator program calculates the unknown variable for Manning, Colebrook-White, Continuity (Q=), Area, and Critical Flow equations for a circular pipe flowing partially full. The program uses the calculator’s unit functions, so the user must select the unit of the solve variable. The results are displayed on the calculator’s print terminal. To switch between programs, select the new program from the Menu on the INPUT screen and press the OK tab. To rerun the same program, press the Esc key to exit the terminal, and press the Enter key to rerun the program. Includes PDF documentation.
Current version:2020/07/20
Author:Gene Shiomoto
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File date:2020/07/21 20:17:03
Creation date:2020/07/20
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Version history:2020/09/30: Updated to version 2020/07/20
2020/04/11: Updated to version 2020/01/31
2020/01/16: Updated to version 2020/01/16
2020/01/07: Updated to version 2020/01/01
2019/12/29: Added to site
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