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ABM Quick Basic Electronic Equations   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/21KB
ABM presents 2 menus with basic equations (for example, 2 Zs in parallel, Fo resonance, XC, XL, Ohms Law&Power, D<>Y converter, Parallel R,L,C, etc.). The program uses menus that are softkey driven.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

ACBasicE 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   1886KB/101KB
Series Circuit Analysis and Parallel Circuit Analysis extracted from ACDC2 but not using matrix as input device and more user friendly. It includes some extra sections like RC and RL transients. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

ACDC 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   162KB/37KB
Aimed at Basic Electronics (Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Delta Wye Conversion, Wheatstone Bridge, and Thevenin Bridge). The program uses a matrix approach to input the data.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/02

Acides   (details) Prime FRA   1KB/2KB
ScreenshotLists various acids, giving you the name based on the chemical formula and vice versa.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017/04/27

Angular Distance Between Stars   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotGiven the right ascension (α) and declination (δ) of two stars of the same epoch (J2000.0 is the most current), calculates the distance between the stars.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/06/12

Areas and Volumes 2.0   (details) Prime ENG FRA   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotFormulas for calculating areas and volumes.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Brad Woollon. 2019/03/11

Armaduras Isostaticas 1.5   (details) Prime ESP   1439KB/100KB
ScreenshotCalculates structural analysis of trusses by the matrix method.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/08/02

Astro Lab 4 (10077+)   (details) Prime ENG   726KB/1-90KB
ScreenshotAstronomy program with many built-in features. For firmware 10077 or higher.
By Marcel Pelletier. 2016/08/03

Atmospheric Air Properties 1.0   (details) Prime ENG ESP   82KB/5KB
ScreenshotDetermines some physical and thermodynamic properties of air at different altitudes. Uses the international units system (SI) and considers dry air. Altitude range permitted is from -5,000 to 20,000 meters; in this range air is considered ideal gas.
By Jesús Alberto Tamez García. 2018/09/25

Azimute e Distância R01   (details) Prime POR   2KB/4KB
Based on 2-point coordinates, calculates azimuth and distance.
By Pedro Goulart. 2015/07/26

Azimuth/Bearing Conversions   (details) Prime ENG   48KB/4KB
Convert angles between two measuring systems that are commonly used by civil engineers and navigators -- Azimuth to Bearing and Bearing to Azimuth. Uses an unusual approach: the use of the arcsine, sine, and cosine functions. These functions are used because on scientific calculators, the trigonometric functions return answers in specific ranges.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2019/05/27

Basic Planetary Data   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/6KB
ScreenshotRetrieves data about our solar system planets, including our dwarf planet, Pluto, presenting you with a choose menu which will present a screen of all the data for a planet. It also has a routine to pull out a specific data point for calculations. Data available are name, radius (km), mass (kg), gravity (m/s^2), density (g/cm^3), axial tilt (°), period (days), and number of moons.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/02/11

Black Hole Characteristics – Hawking Radiation   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Given the mass (either in kg or solar masses), this program can estimate these black hole characteristics: Swartzchild radius, life time left as the black hole slowly radiates, average temperature of the black hole, surface area of the black hole, and surface gravity of the black hole.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/01/07

Capacidade de Suporte do Solo R01   (details) Prime POR   2KB/13KB
Performs soil calculations by the Terzagui and Beer methods. Calculates the General Method break and soil site for isolated rectangular, square and circular foundations.
By Pedro Goulart. 2016/08/02

CarPower   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/1KB
Takes power in horsepower (hp), mass in pounds (lb), initial velocity (mph), and time to evaluate (seconds). Returns zip (numerical value only (ft/s^1.5)), acceleration in miles per hour per second, velocity in miles per hour, and position in feet.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2014/10/19

Center of Mass   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/1KB
Calculates the center of mass of the matrix M, where M represents the body. The entries of M represents an array of molecules, each with assigned weights. It is possible that the center of mass is located outside of the body. If gravity affects the particles equally, then the center of mass & center of gravity are identical.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/20

Circulo de Mohr 2D 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   9KB/10KB
ScreenshotIn two dimensions, determines the maximum and minimum tension, from two measurements of the normal and tangential tension on two right angles.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2017/02/10

Colebrook-White Fricción 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   33KB/90KB
ScreenshotCalculates friction using the Colebrook-White equation using the Newton Raphson method essential for fluid course I and II, showing the table of iterations.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/08/02

Column Stability Factor of a Wood Column   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/4KB
Calculates the slenderness and the column stability factor of a Douglas-Fir wood column.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/20

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   13KB/43KB
ScreenshotBased on the Javascript by William J. Devenport (and modified by Adam Ford to include Fanno Flow and Rayleigh Flow).
By Bruno Ferreira Porto, William J. Devenport, and Adam Ford. 2014/10/18

Constants in English 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   1KB/1KB
Common physical constants by Mickaël Nicotera and translated to English. Copy and paste text directly into a new program that you create.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Michael Rheaume. 2014/10/18

Continuous Beam 2.01   (details) Prime ENG   189KB/19KB
ScreenshotCalculates the support moments of a continuous beam having different moments of inertia (Mb for a two-field span, Mb and Mc for a three-field beam). Several load cases for the same beam can be performed. Accepted are trapezoidal- and point loads, split in dead- and live load.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/12/09

Control Systems 3.0   (details) Prime ENG   954KB/309KB
ScreenshotUsed to study the frequency domain response of control systems consisting of a process and a controller. Open loop response with and without controller and resulting closed loop response (unity feedback loop) can be determined / compared. The app takes as input the transfer function of a process as well as the settings of a (PID) controller. It includes a ‘Bode plot’ which combines magnitude and phase plots on the same screen, indicating real frequency (log scale) and magnitude (log or dB scale) values, and not the logarithm of these values, although logarithmic scales are used. This Bode plot does not rely on the built in HP Prime plot mechanism but is programmed from scratch, including mouse movement and key press detection and custom soft key menus to accomplish functionality that would not be possible otherwise. The app also draws Nyquist and Nichols plots. Includes PDF documentation.
By Herwig Taveirne (hata). 2019/04/02

Delta Wye Converter   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/9KB
ScreenshotSet the number of digits, enter the position of the resistances or impedances in the network, and then enter the data for the wye network and the delta network, and it will give the result in both rectangular and polar forms.
By Bernard Michaud. 2018/04/03

Diameter of an American Wire Gauge   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/2KB
Given the wire number, this program returns the diameter of the wire in inches.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/12/27

Distance from the Sun & Orbital Speed   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/3KB
Calculates the distance a planet (and dwarf planet Pluto) is from the sun and the speed of the planet, given at any given the number of Earth days (and partial Earth days) from the perihelion. A planet is at its perihelion is when the planet is closest to the Sun in its elliptical orbit. Earth is at its perihelion approximately January 3 to January 5 annually.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/23

Earthquake Calculations 1.2   (details) Prime ENG FRA   11KB/26KB
ScreenshotCalculates M0, Magnitude and energy of a quake, and compares quakes. All of the formulae here can be applied to earthquakes, many can also be applied to other planets.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2019/07/20

Eclipses of Moon and Sun 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/14KB
ScreenshotFinds for a date given as yyyy.mmdd the next dates for full moon and new moon and checks for the occurence of a lunar and/or solar eclipse. If positive, some characteristics like kind of eclipse, magnitude and size of shadow in Earth radii ( E.R. ) are calculated.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/02/27

EDM Slope Reduction   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/3KB
Calculates the curvature correction due to the Earth, the horizontal distance from observer to reflector at both elevation of the observer and at sea level, and the change of in elevation from observer to reflector, given the slope distance between observer to reflector, the height of both the observer and reflector’s instruments, the elevation the observer, and the zenith angle: angle from directly above to the slope distance line.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/07/28

EEC Solver   (details) Prime ENG   1174KB/336KB
ScreenshotElectrical and electronic circuit solver that solves AC or DC circuits with linear and non-linear elements. The program implements a full graphic interface to edit circuits, with useful functionality such as copy/paste, undo/redo, moving and rotation of parts, etc. It can solve both AC and DC circuits with both linear and non-linear elements. The non-linear elements supported include: BJTs, MOSFETS, diodes, LEDs, and zeners. The results of the solution are displayed in the circuit editor itself.
By Jesus Calvino-Fraga. 2018/10/14

Effemeridi   (details) Prime ENG   47KB/259KB
Astronomy program that calculates ephemeris for Sun, Moon and planets, transit, sidereal time, nutation and obliquity, Julian date, ascendant and many others data. Best used with Astro Lab. For use with firmware 10077 or higher.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2016/08/03

ElectLibrary 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/38KB
Sample of an electrical engineering library. This will be more comprehensive once complex number support is added to the HP Prime solver, but for now it is just a demo of what is to come.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/09/11

Engineering Equation Library and Analysis 4.0   (details) Prime ENG   3390KB/140-317KB
ScreenshotA compilation of equations used in Electrical Engineering. The program will pass the "selected topic" to the Prime Solver App.
By Bernard Michaud. 2019/08/29

EQT   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/1KB
Equation of time approximation. The equation of time describes the difference in time (seconds, minutes, or hours) between the true solar time and time as we normally know it (a day takes 24 hours). If we used a sundial to measure time and compare it against a mechanical watch, the equation of time would demonstrate the approximate difference.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/20

Equation Library 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   227KB/21KB
Offers 47 equations for HP Prime's Solver App. Just run the eqlib program, select the category that you are interested in, and select the equation within that category and you are off and running. Categories include: Geometry (areas, volumes, surface areas), Finance (monthly loans, sales tax, break-even), Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit to and from Celsius), Physics: Problems of Motion (linear distance, circular motion, pendulums, terminal & escape velocity), Sound (speed of sound, Doppler effect, loudness), Optics (Lens and Snell equations, spherical refraction), Electronics (2 resistors series and parallel, thermal noise, Ohm's Law), Astronomy (parallax, luminosity, Kepler's 3rd Law, time dilation), Great Circle Calculations, Angle of Incidence Calculations, Gases (Ideal and Boyle's Gas Laws, heat capacity, air density, isothermal expansion), and Fluids (depth pressure, fluid flow, Bernoulli's Equation).
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/19

Fiber Optics Equation Library 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   330KB/70KB
ScreenshotExtensive library of equations that can be used in a course in Fiber Optics. The variables may vary slightly, but a variable description is provided in each topics before the program is transferred to the Solver. There are a total of ~130 variables all listed with a description. If you are familiar with Prime programming, you can append your own equations to expand the library. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation.
By Bernard Michaud. 2019/10/25

Forced Oscillations 1.01   (details) Prime ENG   62KB/4KB
ScreenshotFinds for the differential equation of a forced vibration given as m*d2y/dt2 + d*dy/dt + c*y = 0*cos(omega*t) or m*d2y/dt2 + d*dy/dt + c*y = 0*sin(omega*t) or a combination of both the exact solution dependent on preset initial conditions t0, y0(t0), y'0(t0).
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/09/23

Forces on a Warren Truss   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/2KB
Calculates the upward forces of the truss's pin and roller. The program allows for any number of beams (minimum of 1), however, all the beams have the same mass. The lengths between the pin, the beams, and the roller can vary.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/23

Formula Mass of a Compound   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis program finds the formula mass (in grams/mole) of any chemical compound typed into the calculator using standard symbolic notation for elements (e.g. "H", "Ca", "O", etc.).
By Erik Swanson. 2018/02/18

Framework - 2D and 3D 1.01   (details) Prime ENG   189KB/11KB
ScreenshotFinds by means of successive calculation the member forces S and their components Sx, Sy, Sz in a 2D- or 3D-truss.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/12/09

Geocaching Coords Solver 0.18   (details) Prime ENG   11KB/31KB
ScreenshotSolves coordinates for geocaching.
By Chromos. 2017/02/11

Geodesy API 0.33   (details) Prime ENG   19KB/47KB
ScreenshotA collection of useful geodesy routines. Not for navigational use (estimated 14% error).
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Geodetic Conversion between WGS84 and POTSDAM 1.02   (details) Prime ENG DEU   6KB/22KB
ScreenshotConverts between coordinates (UTM, sexagesimal or decimal degrees) of the WGS84 system to the corresponding coordinates (GAUSS-KRÜGER or degrees) in the POTSDAM system and vice versa, and finds the number of the German "Messtischblatt" including the marking of the 1/16 quadrant.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/02/28

GeorefConverter 1.00   (details) Prime ENG ESP POR   7KB/14KB
ScreenshotConverts UTM coordinates to geodetic coordinates and vice versa.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2017/05/02

Great Circle Information   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/11KB
Computes great circle distances.
By Tom Lake and Stephen R. Schmitt. 2018/05/17

Heat Properties of Water   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotCalculates three heat properties of liquid water based on its temperature: specific heat capacity of water (ratio of heat added or removed from an object to cause a temperature change), measured in J/(g*°C), latent heat of evaporation, measured in kJ/kg, and latent heat of fusion, measured in kJ/kg. The program accepts three measurements for liquid water, Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C), or Kelvin (K).
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/02/01

Holzer2 1.02   (details) Prime ENG   21KB/8KB
This program calculates the torsional vibration of non-uniform free-free shafts by the Transfer Matrix Method according to the Holzer formulation. As a result the program delivers the natural frequencies and the corresponding normal modes together with the torsion moments distributions. The natural frequencies are determined using the bisection method for zeroes of functions calculation, so a searching interval is required.
By Antonio Carlos R. Troyman. 2015/09/09

Horizons: Distance to Horizon 0.3   (details) Prime ENG   10KB/14KB
ScreenshotImplements simple geometric solutions for spheres, taking no account of refraction. It includes functions for distance to horizon at a given height, and inverse functions.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2019/04/22

Impedance Calculator   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/13KB
This program is aimed at Basic Electronics, and uses a friendly interface to facilitate data entry. Use the Navigator key to select your option like Series, Parallel, or tap the box beside it twice to check the box. Tp the Freq box, enter a frequency (for example, 12000) then tap box R, RC, RL, LC or RLC twice followed by [OK]. For example, for RLC, enter your values R=200, L=.002, C=2.5 EEX -6, and [OK], and the result will display XL, XC, Zr (Z in Rect.), Zp (Z in Polar), Yr (Y in Rect.) and Yp (Y in Polar).
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

Impedance of an RLC Circuit   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3-6KB
Two functions to calculate the total impedance of the circuit, and its magnitude in ohms, the phase angle in a circuit in degrees, and the current of the series in amps, one for series circuits and the other for parallel circuits.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/23

Kinematics 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   367KB/1KB
A Solve library for solving Kinematics problems. It contains the four main equations.
By Michael Carey. 2014/10/18

Ladder 1.1   (details) Prime ENG   178KB/5KB
This program will solve 2, 3, 4 Loop AC and DC circuits with ladder networks. It makes use of matrix M1 and M2 to facilitate entry of real and complex numbers.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

Light Spectrum   (details) Prime ENG   1KB/2KB
ScreenshotDiagram of the spectrum of visible light.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

Lunar Astronomy 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/14KB
ScreenshotIllustrates the Moon, the Earth, the Moon's orbit around the Earth, and animates the light-distance of the Moon from the Earth.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2019/07/20

Matrix Calculation of Structures   (details) Prime ENG   1336KB/33-142KB
Set of four spreadsheets to do calculations on Articulated Structures, Reticulated Structures with rigid nodes, Structures Mixed, with nodes rigid and articulated, and Gratings when the forces are applied perpendicular to the beams, such as decks. Each spreadsheet calculates the stiffness matrix of the beams, the translation and rotation matrix, and you can assembly the stiffness matrix of the structure.
Author unknown. 2015/08/19

Mechanical Engineering Programs   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/1KB
A set of mechanical engineering programs to calculate the cross section area of a cylinder, the maximum bending moment on a cylinder at yield, the collapse pressure on a 75/80/110 KSI yield pipe, von Misses stress, yield pressure, shear area and bearing area on acme threads, gross margin when cost and price are known, price when cost and gross margin are known, and future value when present value, interest per year, and period in year are known.
By Djajadi Susastra. 2015/08/20

Mercator Sailing   (details) Prime ENG   99KB/34KB
ScreenshotCalculates the course direction and distance in miles given two pairs of latitude (north/south) and longitude (east/west).
Author unknown. 2018/09/09

Mercator Sailing: Course and Distance   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/2KB
Calculates the course direction and distance in miles given two pairs of latitude (north/south) and longitude (east/west). Conversion to arc minutes will be required during calculation.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2018/08/18

MICROSTRIP   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/8KB
This program is used to calculate the impedance of a Surface Microstrip. For example, in the case of Z=~50 ohms, Er=4, W=1.5162 mm, T=0.035 mm, H=0.794 mm, you can enter any 4 values and solve the unknown.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

Modos de Vibración   (details) Prime ESP   311KB/53KB
ScreenshotCalculates and draws the vibration mode shapes for a lumped MDOF elastic system.
By Edwin Saul. 2019/10/16

Moments of Inertia   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/1KB
Program to calculate moments of inertia, and also demonstrates the use of CHOOSE and CASE.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2014/10/22

Moon Date   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotDetermines when the next start point of a desired phase of the Earth's moon will occur given a month and year.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2019/02/23

Moon Phase   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/2KB
Calculates the decimal percent of the phase of the moon for a given date.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/06/24

Moon Phase 1.0   (details) Prime ENG ESP   603KB/2KB
ScreenshotCalculates moon phase for a given date and then displays it adding some random speckles. Detailed instructions on how to install and use in English and Spanish.
By Emiliano Llano Díaz. 2014/10/18

Noise Figure and Noise Voltage   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Given system temperature (in Kelvins), the first program calculates the noise figure (in Decibels), which describes the noise performance of an amplifier. The noise figure is described as the difference between the noise output of an actual receiver to an ideal, noiseless receiver. A noiseless receiver is said to have a resistor operating at room temperature, 290 K (about 16.85°C or 62.33°F). The lower the noise figure, the better. Given the noise bandwidth (in Hertz) and the resistance (in Ω), the second program calculates the open-circuit voltage (in RMS volts).
By Eddie W. Shore. 2019/01/20

Observatories 0.001   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/12KB
Attempts to parse the observatories file from the Minor Planets Centre and map their locations.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Open Channel Flow in a Parabolic Channel   (details) Prime ENG   383KB/16KB
ScreenshotCalculates the normal depth of a parabolic channel in the form of y = Cx^2, where C is the x^2 coefficient or curvature coefficient. The channel depth and width or any other known depth and width must be entered to describe the curvature of the parabola. Enter any three of the four variables (flow rate, depth, slope, and n) and solve for the fourth variable. The wetted perimeter P is calculated using the exact formula per Chow as redefined by Merkley. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation.
By Gene N S. 2018/04/03

Orbital Elements   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Given the radius vector, velocity vector, and canonical units, produces the angular momentum vector, the node vector, inclination angle of the satellite, and longitude angle.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/23

Parallel Combination of Resistors 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   1KB/1KB
Calculates the parallel combination of resistors. Takes as input a list of resistors and outputs the equivalent resistance.
By Michael Carey. 2013/12/22

Periodic Table   (details) Prime ENG FRA   83KB/22KB
ScreenshotA simple keyboard-controlled periodic table of the elements. PDF documentation.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/12/22

Physical Constants   (details) Prime FRA   1KB/2KB
ScreenshotLibrary of physical constants.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013/10/05

Physics and Electronics   (details) Prime POR   324KB/721KB
ScreenshotA large menu driven system with many formulas and diagrams for physics and electronics, including Karnaugh maps, resistor calculations, Zener diodes, and more.
Author unknown. 2017/02/11

Pipe Flow 2019-07-30   (details) Prime ENG   961KB/132KB
ScreenshotCalculate N, Q, S, Dia, or y/D for partially full pipes using Manning's Equation in English or Metric units. The program also computes the corresponding velocity. The depth of flow ratio, y/D, is solved by numerical analysis using the secant method. Where there are two solutions, only the first solution between 0 < y/D < 0.9381 is reported. When solving for the diameter, the calculated diameter and diameter rounded to a standard size are given. This program is a conversion of an old FORTRAN program that was printed in Schaum’s Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics, 1989.
By Gene N S. 2019/08/29

Planetary Positions   (details) Prime ENG   9KB/22KB
Computes the positions of the planets, plus one dwarf planet.
By Tom Lake and Stephen R. Schmitt. 2018/05/17

Pole Embedment LT   (details) Prime ENG   3025KB/14KB
ScreenshotDemo version of a program to perform calculations to determine the required embedment depth for free standing poles embedded in earth or concrete which are subjected to lateral and axial loading conditions. Both laterally constrained and unconstrained conditions can be analyzed, as well as isolated and non-isolated poles. The User inputs the physical characteristics of the pole, soil properties and lateral and axial loads and the program calculates required pole embedment depth. The program will analyze both round and rectangular shaped poles, multiple concentrated and full or partially distributed uniform lateral loads located at User specified points above the pole base. The User can also specify if the lateral loads are due to seismic or wind. Up to two additional axial loads can also be specified. In this demo version, only one lateral load can be specified, and allowable lateral soil bearing pressure is set to 100 psf/ft.
By Al Robertson. 2018/03/18

Polygonal Cross-Section 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   186KB/18KB
ScreenshotFinds for any polygonal cross-section with gaps of circle areas the main section properties, draws the plot of the contour and computes for any load combination of N, My, Mz the stresses in all input points. Furthermore the intersection points of neutral axis ( Sigma = ) and contour of the polygon are calculated.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/04/03

Pres   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/1KB
Calculates parallel resistance accurately, avoiding catastrophic accumulation of roundoff errors in all but pathological cases (e.g. many large numbers). It's so simple that it can be entered as a user function.
By Joseph K. Horn. 2015/08/23

PTable   (details) Prime ENG   1676KB/255KB
ScreenshotAdvanced periodic table based on the Touch Periodic Table of Elements. Full source code included, extensive documentation, and English and German versions.
By Juerg W. Buser. 2015/07/26

Rational Binomial Coefficients   (details) Prime ENG   11KB/29KB
A compressability factor, residual entropy and residual enthalpy calculator using the Lee Kesler method.
Author unknown. 2019/01/17

Reinforcement of a Concrete Beam 2.01   (details) Prime ENG DEU   108KB/19KB
ScreenshotCalculates on the basis of Eurocode 2 the tension reinforcement and, if required, the reinforcement in the compression zone of a concrete beam with given geometry, quality of concrete and loads M,Ed and N,Ed. Afterwards the calculation for a shear force V,Ed is performed. Documentation in German.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2019/02/11

Resistencia Para LEDs   (details) Prime ESP   2KB/1KB
ScreenshotCalculates the current limiting resistor for a given number of LED diodes in series.
By Ariel Palazzesi. 2014/10/19

Resistor Colors   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/15KB
ScreenshotEnter the colors of a resistor, and the resistance is calculated.
By Lars Fredriksson. 2018/03/01

Rigidez Condensada 1.01   (details) Prime ESP   5KB/12KB
ScreenshotCalculates the condensed stiffness matrix and the general matrix for a typical framing system, assuming all elements are fully flexible.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2017/02/21

Rigidez General 1.0   (details) Prime ENG ESP POR   13KB/29KB
ScreenshotCalculates the global stiffness matrix of a system whose elements are completely flexible.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2017/05/20

RPN Prime SurveyCalc 2.2   (details) Prime ENG   331KB/256KB
ScreenshotRPN Calculator app designed for typical math operations and optimized for survey calculations with angle, distance, area and volume unit support. Converting between units is simple, and results can be stored in variables for later use.
By Jacob Wall. 2019/07/20

Section Properties LT 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   2816KB/13KB
ScreenshotDemo version of a program that performs calculations to determine the structural properties of typical shapes. The user inputs the physical dimensions for a selected shape and the program calculates the following properties for both the X-X and Y-Y orthogonal axes: Area, Centroid Depth, Moment of Inertia, Elastic Section Modulus, Plastic Section Modulus, Radius of Gyration, Torsional Constant and Shape Factor. Analyzes I-Shaped, Solid Rectangular and Circular and Solid Rectangular and Circular Tube sections. The paid version of the program adds Angle, Built-Up Girder with Web and Flange Plates, Channel, Symmetrical I-Shaped Girder, Unsymmetrical I-Shaped Girder, Solid Rectangle, Solid Round Bar, Rectangular Tube (HSS), Circular Tube (HSS), Tee and Zee Sections. LT Version will analyze I-Shaped, Solid Rectangular and Circular and Solid Rectangular and Circular Tube sections.
By Al Robertson. 2018/03/11

Series and Parallel Impedance Solver   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/3KB
ScreenshotCalculates both series and parallel impedance, and allows you to accumulate resistors by building on prior calculations.
By Bernard Michaud. 2017/02/10

Simple Strengths Utilities   (details) Prime ENG   12KB/34KB
ScreenshotVarious separate programs to perform some engineering calculations, for Strength of Materials, including Second Moment of Inertia, Common Dimensions, Complex Stress Systems Calculation, Equivalent Torque and Moment, Moment Calculation, Rosettes, Thinwalled Pressure Vessel, and more.
By Brad Woollon. 2017/04/30

Single-Span Girder 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   248KB/19KB
ScreenshotCalculates for a single-span girder with any number of sections and elastic restraints or external moments at the supports the support reactions, end moments and maximum field moment including its location. Each section may have a trapezoidal load and a point load at the right end. Furthermore the shear force and the internal moment for any point of the beam can be calculated.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/03/18

Smith Chart   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/9KB
Displays a Smith chart and if you tap a point will display many of the relevant data about that point, including Z, X, Gamma, Return Loss, VSWR and Q.
By Keith Barkley. 2017/06/09

Soil Pressure of a Foundation with Open Gap 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   393KB/21KB
ScreenshotComputes for a rectangular foundation submitted to vertical loads N and moments My and Mz the soil pressure for all points of the contour in consideration of a open gap (no tension possible in the gap). The automatic consideration of the own weight is provided. A plot of the area of pressure is depicted after calculation.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2018/04/29

Solar Irradiance   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/1KB
Calculates two properties: the solar angle of incidence given the angular elevation and azimuth (from south going “counterclockwise”: east-north-west) of both the sun and panel, and the irradiance given by the solar panel.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/20

Spect 001   (details) Prime ENG   566KB/17KB
ScreenshotPerforms symbolic time to frequency and frequency to time calculations: calculates for a given symbolic f(t) Fourier, Laplace and Z-transformation in symbolic form, draws the complex Laplace function together with the Fourier transformation slice as a 3D plot, and calculates for a given frequency transfer function the unity pulse, dirac pulse response and bode magnitude and phase in symbolic form. Includes PDF documentation.
By Frank P. 2019/07/20

Spectrum Analysis   (details) Prime ENG   52KB/1KB
ScreenshotDoes spectrum analysis using a Fourier transform.
Author unknown. 2018/09/09

Street Flow (Shallow or Sheet Flow)   (details) Prime ENG   302KB/18KB
ScreenshotCalculates the depth of flow in a composite gutter section using Manning’s equation modified for shallow or sheet flow using the HEC 22 (August 2013) equation that describes Q in terms of Sx, S, and T and not the equivalent equation that described Q in terms of Z, S, and d. Program assumes: (1) the curb face is vertical, (2) friction on the curb face is ignored, and (3) flow is contained in the street and gutter section, even if the water depth is above the height of the curb.
By Gene N S. 2018/05/01

Tablas de Aire   (details) Prime ESP   10KB/28KB
ScreenshotAir Properties Program, with variables such as temperature, enthalpy, relative pressure, internal energy, relative volume, and entropy. Only 1 input parameter is necessary.
By Misael Campana Chacca. 2019/10/16

Tablas para el curso de Mecanica de Fluidos 2 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   588KB/10KB
ScreenshotTables for Isentropic Flow, Shockwaves, Fanno Flow and Rayleigh Flow, given the Mach number. Includes PDF documentation.
By Misael Campana Chacca. 2018/12/19

Tablas Refrigerante R134a 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   14KB/82KB
ScreenshotFinds the thermodynamic properties of R134a refrigerant by calculating pressure, temperature, specific volume, internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy
By Misael Campana Chacca. 2019/05/27

Taludes Bishop 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   74KB/73KB
Solves the simplified Bishop Method for slopes, with n layers, with or without water table and with or without tension gash.
By Rocky Giban Ayala Bizarro. 2016/08/03

Thermal Noise (Johnson-Nyquist Noise)   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/1KB
Calculates the RMS (root-mean-square) voltage of a resistor at a certain temperature. Thermal noise, also known as Johnson-Nyquist Noise is generated when the resistor has a temperature above absolute zero. It also calculates the noise power in decibels.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2015/08/23

Thermodynamics (Fluid-Phase Equilibria) 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   12KB/138KB
Allows you to calculate the fugacity from a single component (pure) or mixture, using any of the following state equations: "virial", "Van der Waals", "Redlich-Kwong", "Redlich-Kwong-Soave", "Peng-Robinson". Also allows you to calculate the activity coefficient, using "Margules", "Van Laar", "Wilson", "UNIQUAC", "UNIFAC". ("Infinite dilution activity coefficients" method).
By Gonzalo Menayo. 2019/07/20

TopoAC 1.65   (details) Prime ESP   799KB/193KB
ScreenshotProgram for topographic calculation with tools of data collector, calculation of coordinates, areas, courses, intersections, plotting, generation of DXF, import and export of points, and more.
By Jorge Aguero. 2019/02/11

Topomining 2.0   (details) Prime POR   1309KB/329KB
ScreenshotSeveral mining math tools for calculating topography, including the 2D planimetric method (entering the initial and final coordinates in 2D, or the initial coordinate and azimuth and distance) and the 3D tachimetric method (for the azimuth, course, vertical angle, horizontal angle, real distance, and slope, or the absolute coordinates, vertical distance, horizontal distance, and vertical angle).
By Danny Sosa Lozano. 2017/08/21

Touch Periodic Table 3.3.2 (10637+)   (details) Prime ENG FRA   258KB/152KB
ScreenshotA comprehensive touch-controlled periodic table of the elements with details about each element and plotting of details. PDF documentation.
By Mickaël Nicotera, Miguel Toro, and Eric Keppel. 2018/02/18

Touch Periodic Table - Improved   (details) Prime ENG   20KB/28KB
An improved version of an older version of Mickaël Nicotera's touchscreen periodic table of elements. Does not work with more recent ROM versions.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Miguel Toro. 2014/10/25

Trapezoidal Channel Calculator   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/16KB
ScreenshotA simple trapezoidal channel calculator. Uses fsolve to solve Mannings and critical depth equations. For rectangular channels, use a side slope z=0. For triangular channels, use a bottom width b=0. Also calculates average shear stress.
By Gene N S. 2019/07/20

Truss 2-D and 3-D 1.04   (details) Prime ENG   227KB/13KB
ScreenshotFinds the longitudinal forces in a 2-dimensional- or 3-dimensional truss by means of solving the matrix of equations of equilibrium at the nodes for the entire system.
By Claus Martin Dachselt. 2019/02/23

Two Port Network Transistor Configuration Conversions   (details) Prime ENG   87KB/3KB
Converts h-parameter matrices for the following configurations of two-port transistor networks: Common Base Transistor Configuration (CB), Common Emitter Transistor Configuration (CE), and Common Collector Transistor Configuration (CC).
By Eddie W. Shore. 2019/03/25

Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibrium 1.0   (details) Prime ENG ESP   536KB/49KB
ScreenshotCalculates the liquid-vapor phase equilibrium of a real binary mixture, using the NRTL method.
By Malcom Castro Quiroz. 2019/08/23

VaporHP 2.5   (details) Prime ENG   32KB/292KB
ScreenshotChoose two parameters among pressure, temperature, specific volume, enthalphy, entropy, and steam fraction, and get the others as a result.
Unknown original author and Manuel Ángel Suárez Álvarez. 2019/01/22

Vigas 01 0.5.1   (details) Prime POR   26KB/250KB
ScreenshotCalculates geometric properties of beams, including static moment and moment of inertia. Calculates the results of the supports, shear force, and bending moment. Fits linear, trapezoidal, and straight loads. It can also graph and display calculations, both by integration and section cuts.
By Francisco Cassio Sena Paiva. 2019/10/16

Vincenty Inverse Solution 1.0   (details) Prime ENG ESP   4KB/8KB
Test of a very basic part of an old GPS navigation applications, the Vincenty inverse solution, which calculates distances between points on the Earth with 1 mm precision.
Author unknown. 2018/09/25

Water Vapor Tables   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/21KB
Provides water vapor tables, with a series of functions that take the temperature as input. Also provides a vapor temperature function to take the pressure and change it to the temperature.
By Stefano Rapisarda. 2017/12/17

Wattmetre AD8318   (details) Prime FRA   12KB/35KB
ScreenshotCalculates wattage given voltage for an AD8318 logarithmic detector.
By Pierre Berly. 2017/09/20

Wheatstone   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotDoes calculations for a Wheatstone bridge circuit. Given the four resistances and the input voltage, calculates the voltages in the middle and each side of the bridge.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/04/27

Wire Sections   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/3KB
Four functions to convert wire sections between kcmil and mm², and between AWG and mm².
Author unknown. 2018/09/09

WorldData 2.00   (details) Prime ENG   10KB/35KB
ScreenshotGiven latitude and longitudes, calculates the distance between any two points on the Earth, approximating the planet as a sphere. Includes data for 40 major world cities.
By Lang Zhou. 2019/01/17

Z Astronomical Routines   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/6KB
A few astronomical routines, to estimate a planet's temperature, calculate drag on a spacecraft, and calculate magnitudes.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Z Periodic 2.1   (details) Prime ENG FRA   7KB/26KB
ScreenshotDisplays a simple periodic table of elements.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/04

ZIPP 0.6   (details) Prime ENG FRA   6KB/15KB
G1CMZ's Immensely Practical Package, containing programs to do things like calculate the distance of a thunderstorm. Uses Z LIGHTS and Z UNITS.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/03

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