Description:Implementation of the Steam Table for the complete IAPWS IF-97 standard. Provides accurate steam and water properties from 0 - 1000 bar and from 0 - 2000 deg C according to the standard IAPWS IF-97. For accuracy of the functions in different regions see IF-97.
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File date:2020-05-03 21:56:29
Creation date:2015-12-11
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User comments:Jhonatan Peretz
2020-05-04 19:03:15
Thanks for sharing this program, it surely was a hard job.
I found out the program does not compile. For the program to work properly, find line 3305 and change it from this:

LOCAL TMax,hMax,hMin,hB,vmax,hV;

to this:

LOCAL Tmin,TMax,hMax,hMin,hB,vmax,hV;

Then, it should compile with no errors.
Jesus Tamez
2020-06-12 09:59:05
I found just 2615 lines! ... are you sure about 3305 line? ... Connectivity kit must have "find command"! ... any way!
Jhonatan Peretz
2020-06-16 15:18:08
That´s weird, I count 3664 lines.By the way; when programming, I rather use PrimeComm, it has a "find command":)

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