Formula Mass of a Compound

Description:This program finds the formula mass (in grams/mole) of any chemical compound typed into the calculator using standard symbolic notation for elements (e.g. "H", "Ca", "O", etc.).
Author:Erik Swanson
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User comments:Erik Swanson
2018-03-07 21:45:50
There is currently a bug in the program that does not allow it to find the formula mass for compounds that have a two-letter element followed directly by another capital letter (e.g. NaIO). This problem can be fixed by putting the following element in parentheses, but I will be releasing a patched version of the program soon.
2019-04-02 14:38:38
Hey Erik how are you?
I`ve installed your program in my hp prime<
but when I put FM("H") it appears EXPR('H')
what should I do to fix this problem?

Thanks for your attention!

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