Formula Mass of a Compound

Description:This program finds the formula mass (in grams/mole) of any chemical compound typed into the calculator using standard symbolic notation for elements (e.g. "H", "Ca", "O", etc.). This improved version fixes some serious problems in the old version (Formula Mass of a Compound).
Description (2):该程序使用元素的标准符号(如“H”、“Ca”、“O”等)计算输入计算器的任何化合物的相对分子质量(单位:g/mol)。此改进版本修复了旧版本中的一些严重问题。
Current version:2.0
Authors:Erik Swanson
Yang Xiao (肖扬)
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2023-01-10 08:27:26
There is a bug: error in calculating lithium compounds

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