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Last Change:2016-08-05
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Fonts   (details) Prime ENG   417KB/9KB
ScreenshotShows how to change fonts programmatically.
By Juerg W. Buser. 2015/07/26

IP Subnet Calculator 1.0   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   18KB/7KB
ScreenshotDetermines information about a TCP/IP subnet with the help of conversions from octet string to binary and long and vice versa: IP address, base address, subnet mask, prefix (cidr notation), broadcast address, #hosts, class, and remarks.
By Juerg W. Buser and others. 2010/12/15

Notepad++ HP PPL Support   (details) Prime ENG   47KB
User defined language file and autocompletion (API) file for Notepad++ for the HP Prime Programming Language (HP PPL). The Connectivity Kit is sometimes awkward and not very user friendly (with no support for find/replace), making Notepad++ a much more friendly choice. These files not only add syntax highlighting but also documentation for nearly 600 functions, showing the parameter syntax and detailed descriptions as the code is typed.
By Eric Rechlin and Juerg W. Buser. 2016/08/05

PTable   (details) Prime ENG   1676KB/255KB
ScreenshotAdvanced periodic table based on the Touch Periodic Table of Elements. Full source code included, extensive documentation, and English and German versions.
By Juerg W. Buser. 2015/07/26

SkeletonApp   (details) Prime ENG   144KB/20KB
ScreenshotEvent driven framework for applications.
By Juerg W. Buser. 2015/07/26

SkeletonDemo   (details) Prime ENG   26KB/30KB
ScreenshotSkeletonDemo is a fancy demo app for the event driven framework SkeletonApp. It tries to visualize the concept behind the framework.
By Juerg W. Buser. 2015/07/26

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