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CHOOSE_R 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   18KB/33KB
ScreenshotAlternative to CHOOSE command. Touch scroll-able with long lists, optional 'Delete' feature can be used to remove items from the choose list. Includes two sample use cases. Responds to calculator Color Theme settings.
By Jacob Wall. 2019/12/31

COGO-50 1.82   (details) 49/50 ENG   206KB/55KB
ScreenshotSurveying program capable of performing common survey calculations. The program handles multiple user created jobs and performs Traverse, Inverse, Area, Offset Intersection, Compass Rule Adjustment, Scale, Move, Rotate, Transform, Import and Export ASCII files, and more with coordinates created. Allows settings for angular measure (grads or degrees (dec or hms)) and features a number of tools such as a triangle solver, horizontal and vertical curve solvers, linear regression tool and more. Includes PDF manual. Written in mostly User RPL for the 49g+ and 50g. Includes HP source directory.
By Jacob Wall. 2010/03/08

COGO+ Lt 3.55   (details) 49/50 ENG   3053KB/94KB
ScreenshotFully integrated surveying application written in 100% System RPL. Includes Traverse, Inverse, Intersections, Area by Points, Compass Rule, Rotate Points, Mirror Points, Shift Points, Average Points, Scale Points, Triangle Solver, Horizontal and Vertical Curve Solvers, Job and Data Management tools. Two separate versions are included, one for the 48gII screen size, and one for the 49g+ or 50g screen size. Free version; commercial version available for purchase from the developer.
By Jacob Wall. 2013/09/14

GEO-50 1.3   (details) 49/50 ENG   118KB/30KB
ScreenshotGEO-50 accepts DD.mmss as angular input and allows the user to choose from three ellipsoids to base calculations on: GRS80, WGS84 and the Clarke 1866 Spheroid. Performs coordinate transformations, convergence calculations, 3D inverse, meridional arc length calculations, computations on the ellipsoid surface, and spherical triangle solving. Version 1.3 includes new Bowring Direct and Inverse programs, fixing some old bugs and improving usability. Includes PDF manual.
By Jacob Wall. 2009/11/01

HP49g+keys 2.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   391KB
An updated version of the 49g+keys.TTF font which was based on the 49G.TTF font by Ted Kerber. Version 2.0 changes the font from Windows Unicode to Windows Symbol and makes minor glyph edits only.
By Ted J. Kerber and Jacob Wall. 2011/07/24

KeyTouch_Alpha 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   154KB/72KB
ScreenshotA touchscreen keypad with support for alphabetic, numeric, and special characters. Responds to calculator color theme settings and language settings. When set to German, French, Spanish or Portuguese, a long-press on certain keys will reveal accent characters.
By Jacob Wall. 2019/12/31

KeyTouch_Num 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   17KB/38KB
ScreenshotA numeric touchscreen keypad.
By Jacob Wall. 2019/12/31

RPN Prime SurveyCalc 2.3   (details) Prime ENG   329KB/366KB
ScreenshotRPN Calculator app designed for typical math operations and optimized for survey calculations with angle, distance, area and volume unit support. Converting between units is simple, and results can be stored in variables for later use. Now supports 2D/3D vectors and has an improved workflow for storing and purging variables.
By Jacob Wall. 2019/12/31

ScreenCap 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   55KB/104KB
ScreenshotA Screen Capture utility that saves your calculator screen as a PNG file to the app's Files folder. Uses a user key definition to accomplish the task from most calculator screens. Includes a File Manager to delete and view existing screen captures.
By Jacob Wall. 2020/04/11

SpiSOLVE 1.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   73KB/3KB
ScreenshotA spiral curve solver library for the HP 49g+ and 50g calculators. Includes Debug4x source code and PDF documentation.
By Jacob Wall. 2010/08/22

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