RPN Prime SurveyCalc

Description:RPN Calculator app designed for typical math operations and optimized for survey calculations with angle, distance, area and volume unit support, as well as 2D/3D vectors. Converting between units is simple, and results can be stored in variables for later use. Now has a FIF menu which was inspired by the FIF49 app for HP 49/50 for working with feet-inches-fractions dimensions.
Current version:3.1
Author:Jacob Wall: https://sgss.ca/
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Primary category:Science
Other categories:Utils
File date:2023-09-12 20:19:43
Creation date:2023-09-12
Source code:Included
Download count:1,839
Version history:2023-09-17: Updated to version 3.1
2019-12-31: Updated to version 2.3
2019-07-20: Updated to version 2.2
2019-06-17: Updated to version 2.1
2019-01-17: Added to site
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   604248  2023-09-10 17:48   v3_1-RPN-Prime_SurveyCalc/RPN Prime SurveyCalc.pdf
    16028  2023-09-03 17:16   v3_1-RPN-Prime_SurveyCalc/ScreenCapture.png
   199476  2023-09-10 17:45   v3_1-RPN-Prime_SurveyCalc/SurveyCalc_Source.txt
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User comments:Kenneth Mitchell
2021-01-15 06:51:33
Great utility for surveyors especially!
Brian Makins
2023-12-06 14:39:40
Feet-inch-fraction functionality added to the RPN app. Now the HP Prime is my everyday calculator. Jacob is awesome! Thank you.

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