Control System Programs

Description:Ten programs that could potentially be useful for anyone in a control systems class. The first program takes as input the system matrix (a) and the input matrix (b) to find the controllability matrix. With it there is another function that will check if the controllability matrix found is controllable or not. The next program takes the system matrix (a) and the output matrix (c) as inputs to find the observability matrix. Along with it is another function to check if the observability matrix is observable. The third function uses Ackermann's Formula to find the feedback constants. It takes as input the system matrix (a), the input matrix (b), and the desired characteristic equation coefficients. The other programs convert the system from a statespace model to a transfer function, convert the system from a transfer function to statespace form, create the Routh table from the characteristic equation, find the Static Error Constants (Kp - position, Kv - velocity, Ka - acceleration) and also their respective steady state errors (essp - step, essv - ramp, essa - parabola), solve for all possible input combinations to solve for a second order system, graph the step response of the transfer function, and find the step response characteristics of the step response graph.
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