Jhonatan Peretz

First Name:Jhonatan
Last Name:Peretz
Last Change:2019-01-17
Number of Files:3 (516th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:227 (2,330th most downloaded)

Least Squares Regression 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   200KB/5KB
ScreenshotAllows you to perform Polynomial Regression and Multiple Linear Regression using the Least Squares technique.
By Jhonatan Peretz. 2019/01/17

Modified Newton's Method 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   241KB/3KB
ScreenshotCAS program that solves an equation using the Modified Newton-Raphson Iterative Technique.
By Jhonatan Peretz. 2019/01/17

Newton Method for Nonlinear Systems 1.1   (details) Prime ENG   232KB/3KB
ScreenshotCAS program which solves nonlinear systems using the Newton Method. It also calculates the Jacobian matrix of the system of equations.
By Jhonatan Peretz. 2019/01/17

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