Atmospheric Air Properties

Description:Determines some physical and thermodynamic properties of air at different altitudes. Uses the international units system (SI) and considers dry air. Altitude range permitted is from -5,000 to 20,000 meters; in this range air is considered ideal gas.
Description (2):Determina algunas propiedades físicas y termodinámicas del aire a diferentes altitudes, considerándolo seco e ideal. Utiliza el sistema internacional y es útil en el rango de -5,000 a 20,000 m.
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User comments:Jesus Tamez
2018-09-25 22:35:08
Enjoy it! ...
Guilherme Ponce
2019-03-08 14:27:58
Hey Jesús, I'm looking for a program tht allow me to enter with any variable nd obtain the others, can you help me with this?

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