Special Functions

Description:Many special functions: Gamma, digamma, polygamma, Zeta, Kummer, Hypergeometric, Appell, Kampé de Fériet, Lauricella, Srivastava, associated Legendre, Bessel, orthogonal polynomials, Elliptic functions: Weierstrass, Jacobian, Carlson elliptic integrals; Airy, Anger & Weber, Dawson, Exponential integrals & related functions, Catalan, Fresnel, Debye, parabolic cylinder, error function, Fibonacci, Struve, Lommel, incomplete beta & gamma, Lerch, Coulomb wave, Whittaker, Toronto, spheroidal wave, ellipsoidal wave + fractional-integro-differentiation + non-linear systems + continued fractions. Includes comprehensive HTML documentation.
Author:Jean-Marc Baillard: http://hp41programs.yolasite.com
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