Description:A small collection of three programs made for drawing parts of the Mandelbrot fractal on the calculator screen in either black/white, grayscale or color. The center point (focus) and zoom level, among other settings, can be changed by the user in the code. An image can take a short while to draw, but the end result will be worth it in many cases. Includes two sets of example coordinates.
Current version:1.2
Author:Simon Bryntse
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Primary category:Graphics
File date:2022/07/31 14:12:16
Creation date:2022/07/31
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Version history:2022/07/31: Updated to version 1.2
2021/07/30: Added to site
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     1001  2022-07-31 19:50   Mandelbrot/explanation.txt
    45664  2022-07-31 20:43   Mandelbrot/mandelbrot.png
     4456  2022-07-31 19:30   Mandelbrot/MandelbrotBW.hpprgm
     5404  2022-07-31 19:30   Mandelbrot/MandelbrotColor.hpprgm
     4744  2022-07-31 19:31   Mandelbrot/MandelbrotGray.hpprgm
     2220  2022-07-31 20:07   Mandelbrot/readme.txt
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