Simon Bryntse

First Name:Simon
Last Name:Bryntse
Last Change:2022-07-31
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Draw 0.0   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis is a very simple drawing program for drawing white pixels on a black canvas, with a nice red cursor. It is good for pixelart but the creations can NOT be saved, but if you are bored it maybe has some value.
By Simon Bryntse. 2020/09/30

Mandelbrot 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   51KB/15KB
ScreenshotA small collection of three programs made for drawing parts of the Mandelbrot fractal on the calculator screen in either black/white, grayscale or color. The center point (focus) and zoom level, among other settings, can be changed by the user in the code. An image can take a short while to draw, but the end result will be worth it in many cases. Includes two sets of example coordinates.
By Simon Bryntse. 2022/07/31

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