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Allumet   (details) 38 FRA   2KB/3KB
Matches game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Animation   (details) 38 ENG   24KB/12KB
ScreenshotAnimation of two seals flipping a ball back and forth. A lot of fun for a gifted group - if you'd like to compose your own then documentation is included in the ZIP files on how to produce animations on the calculator, and on the PC using the ADK (38G only).
By Colin Croft. 2003/05/20

Arknoiid 1.0   (details) 38 ENG   17KB/18KB
ScreenshotGame where you bounce a ball up to hit blocks, and prevent the ball from falling out of the playing area.
By Jean-Yves Avenard and Cyrille de Brébisson (HpMad). 1998/05/24

Bandit   (details) 38 ENG   4KB/4KB
One Armed Bandit game.
By Johan Levander. 1998/09/12

Battle of Ballistic   (details) 38 ENG FRA   10KB/8KB
ScreenshotAdaption of a game sometimes known as "Gorilla". A lot of fun but a bit slow, since it's written entirely in HPBasic.
By Vincent Hentsch. 2003/05/21

Broken Brain   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/1KB
Broken Brain game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Combat de touches   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
Key combat.
By Andréas Thillosen. 1998/08/25

Deduction   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
By Andréas Thillosen. 1998/08/25

Demineur I   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
Minehunt game.
By Andréas Thillosen. 1998/08/25

Demineur II   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
A better Minehunt game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Diamonds 38 1.3   (details) 38 ENG   44KB/12KB
Pick up all the diamonds, and advance to the next level (includes 50 levels). Inspired by Diamonds for the Macintosh by Oliver Dreer.
By Doug Cannon and Detlef Müller. 1998/10/20

Editeur   (details) 38 FRA   2KB/5KB
This is a program, written in French but easily understandable, that allows you to automate the entry and playing of music. Basically it asks you how many notes in the piece and then loops through asking, for each note, what note it is (do, re, mi etc), and which octave. You can also choose to enter a rest. The result is stored into L1 (one of the lists) and can then be played. Quite simple but easier to use than programming it yourself.
By Damien Iggiotti. 2003/05/20

Games   (details) 38 ENG   8KB/1KB
Various games, including Battleship, Warfare, Earthworm, and more.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Hapaman 1.1Get It   (details) 38 ENG   6KB/6KB
ScreenshotGood PacMan clone. Has lots of levels and sound, and will keep you entertained for hours.
By Davor Jadrijevic and Detlef Müller. 1998/10/20

High-Low   (details) 38 ENG   2KB/1KB
Number guessing game.
By James Donnelly. 1998/05/24

Jackpot   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
Jackpot game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Lander   (details) 38 ENG   3KB/1KB
Lunar lander simulation.
Unknown original author and James Donnelly. 1998/05/24

Mastermind   (details) 38 FRA   3KB/3KB
The famous Mastermind game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Micro Games   (details) 38 ENG   4KB/3KB
Some miniature games which can be played in the menu bar area.
By Jean-Yves Avenard and Cyrille de Brébisson (HpMad). 1998/05/24

Minehunt for the HP 38G 2.0   (details) 38 ENG   4KB/4KB
ScreenshotThe classic Minehunt game now for the HP 38G.
By Hewlett-Packard and Jordi Hidalgo. 2002/10/11

Morpion   (details) 38 FRA   2KB/2KB
Crab-louse game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Phoenix 38 1.1Get It   (details) 38 ENG   8KB/10KB
"Shoot the aliens, before they shoot you" could be a short decription of this game. This game is similar to Round 42 for the computer, but with only five levels.
By Davor Jadrijevic and Detlef Müller. 1998/10/20

Sliding Block Game   (details) 38 ENG   4KB/4KB
Find a way to move the big 2x2 block to the exit on the right.
Author unknown. 1998/05/24

Sokoban 2.0Get It   (details) 38 ENG   46KB/10KB
Fun puzzle game with 50 levels where you must move blocks, including sound support. Includes source code.
By Detlef Müller. 1998/11/25

Solitary   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
Simple solitaire game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Speed   (details) 38 ENG   3KB/1KB
Tests your speed on the keypad.
By Johan Levander and Per Hansson. 1998/09/12

Taquin   (details) 38 FRA   1KB/2KB
Taquin game.
By Cédric Messoumian. 1998/08/25

Tetris 2.7   (details) 49/50 48 39/40 38 ENG   29KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis is Tetris2, a very nice Tetris game for all HP graphing calculators (38G, 39G, 40G, 48, 49G). Some features: small size (<6.5kb though a very good size/performance ratio), very close to the original TETRIS gameplay, configuration of the gameplay + three game modes, 2-Player games via serial I/O (IR or wire), runs well on Emu48 (sp 8+).
By Detlef Müller and Raymond Del Tondo. 2002/02/07

Trap   (details) 38 ENG   1KB/3KB
This is a very neat practical joke program written by Cathy Edward's brother (slightly modified by Colin Croft). It puts a false picture of the HOME view on the screen and then no matter what key the person hits, it just puts up a message saying "Go away I'm busy!". Press ON two or three times quickly to get out.
Unknown original author and Colin Croft. 2003/05/20

Xennon   (details) 38 ENG   20KB/19KB
ScreenshotShoot'em up game where you have to kill all the evil aliens and catch all the bonuses. At the end of each level, fight against the Boss!
By Jean-Yves Avenard and Cyrille de Brébisson (HpMad). 1998/05/24

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