New HP49G Calculator

On May 21st, 1999, at the OpenHP Conference in Paris, France, Hewlett Packard announced the HP49G graphic calculator. The following information comes from Jean-Yves Avenard of HP's ACO (Australian Calculator Operation).

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Memory Management



The HP49 is the most powerful calculator ever announced at any time. It works in two ways: one fully compatible with the HP48 series, including RPN but faster, and the other algebraic, easy for users of other calculator brands to learn to use.

Although you may not agree with some of the specifications above, please wait until you touch it before complaining. After all, the HP49 was developed by HP48 users and tested by HP48 users!

Top of 49G Bottom and cover of 49G

Top of the final HP49G. Some images on the Internet are of prototypes and others aren't even real, but this is the real thing: the actual HP49G calculator. Click here for a larger (180KB) version of this photo.

Bottom and slide-on cover of the final HP49G. Notice that the back is black and textured just like the HP48's case, unlike what photos of early prototypes indicated. The slide-on cover slides on from the bottom and is translucent with a slight light-blue tint. Click here for a larger (101KB) version of this photo.

More photos of older prototypes may be found at Samuel Hocevar's web site.

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