Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca

First Name:Carlos Augusto
Last Name:Pérez Coca
Last Change:2012-09-15
Number of Files:7 (233rd most prolific)
Number of Downloads:96,471 (89th most downloaded)

Ingenieria Economica 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   9KB/15KB
ScreenshotProgram to solve problems by present value and annual cost.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2002/05/21

Peralte 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   29KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the table of Peralte and (Sobreancho) of a horizontal curve.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2002/01/26

Project HP484950   (details) 49/50 48 ENG ESP   534KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis program is to elaborate the Gantt Diagram and a calculation table to get the diagram. Also includes full documentation with an example. It also has an option to change the language of the program between English and Spanish.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca and Alexis Ariel Dávalos Zuleta. 2008/10/14

Red1 and Net1 1.0   (details) 48 ENG ESP   16KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program allows you to calculate the real flow of a closed net pipes sistem using Hazen W. formulas. The net can have n circuits with n pipes each circuit.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2002/01/26

Stiffness   (details) 48 ENG ESP   573KB/18KB
ScreenshotSAXPC ULTIMATE (Structural Analysis XP Collection)is a UNIQUE program to analyze any Frame (Portico/Porch) or any Beam using the Stiffness Matrix Method (Displacements Method), giving you everything (results,all matrices) step by step and also it plots (DRAWS) the STRUCTURE and its LOADS, drawing them according to their values (auto scaling). Choosing the loads and support types graphically. Please tell me if you like it.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2003/12/26

TopoRedes   (details) 48 ESP   126KB/26KB
ScreenshotThis is an excellent library to perform some calculations about curves in topography and some curves analysis in road designing. The curves you can analyze are: a simple curve, inaccessible pi, obligated point, vertical curves and something additional the calculations on polygonal coordinates, all the curves analysis will give you the table with all the stations in the curve, they are easy to use and the manual is understandable even though it's in Spanish.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2003/03/06

XCELL 2.2   (details) 49/50 ENG   127KB/16KB
ScreenshotXCELL, one of the best spreadsheet programs for the HP 48, is now ported for the HP 49.
By Daniel Lopez Sancho, Alain Robillard, and Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca. 2012/09/15

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