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ABAM 1.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   2,179 KB / 5 KB
EULER, RK4, and ABAM will produce an XY matrix of data points. These points have been calculated using the associated formulas, which have been created to solve differential equations that cannot be solved by standard techniques. This data consists of a series of x iterations with its corresponding y value. The criteria for the input is a first degree differential in the form of "y' =without the "y' =" ie. 'dy/dx = X + Y'. Simply enter 'X+Y' for the input equation. Secondly, it is necessary to have x initial, y initial, x final, and an iteration size. The accompanying literature should give enough detailed information. This XY output may then be seen with PLOTT.
By William Mackenzie. 2022-07-31

Great Circle 2.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   4 KB / 1 KB
Calculates the great circle distance, in kilometers, between two points on Earth given their latitude and longitude.
By William Mackenzie. 2016-08-02

ROND   (details) 49/50 ENG   11 KB / 1 KB
Will round any number to the specified significant digits.
By William Mackenzie. 2016-08-02

SUN 1.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   3,974 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotComputes sunrise, sunset, and meridian.
By William Mackenzie. 2020-04-11

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