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How to install HP 39gs Connectivity Kit on Win 10   (details) 39/40 ENG   827 KB
A step-by-step tutorial to help you make the HP 39gs/HP 40gs Connectivity Kit work on a computer running Windows 10. In PDF format.
By Andres Capdevila. 2017-11-20

RPN 0.1   (details) 39/40 ENG   271 KB / 9 KB
ScreenshotThis aplet converts your 39/40 to a complete RPN scientific calculator, it has the classic 4-level stack plus LASTx. It's written in System RPL and runs with no noticeable lag. This version supports real numbers only.
By Andres Capdevila. 2017-11-12

Sparcom Celestial Navigation Pac (50g Patch)   (details) 49/50 ENG   81 KB / 128 KB
ScreenshotThis is a modified version of the Sparcom Celestial Navigation Pac, patched to work on the 49/50 and virtual machines. It includes these improvements: better display formatting, ADV program now reaches the expected result and it can run on real or virtual machines.
By Thomas R. Metcalf, Eddie C. Dost, and Andres Capdevila. 2023-05-13

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