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ADDLF and DELLF   (details) 48 ITA   2 KB / 1 KB
Two utilities, ADDLF and DELLF. When ADDLF is given the name of a variable containing a GROB, it converts it to a string with linebreaks every 60 characters for easily posting in a message. When DELLF is given the name of a variable containing a string formatted by ADDLF, it converts it to a GROB.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-06-23

Alice 1.2   (details) 48 ENG   2 KB / 1 KB
Lets you store in a directory two configuration programs that would be automatically executed, one entering the dir and the other exiting the dir.
By Simone Rapisarda. 1997-08-21

Amiga Utilities   (details) 48 ENG   23 KB
Three utilities for the Amiga useful with the 48: GROBBER for converting IFF files to GROBs, SGROBBER for converting binary GROBs to IFF files, and ASC2BIN for converting an ASC-encoded file to a binary file.
By Danny Finocchiaro and Simone Rapisarda. 2017-08-13

Battery Drain Table #2   (details) 48 28 ENG   2 KB
Compares battery usage of the HP 48 and HP 28.
By Simone Rapisarda. 1997-08-21

Coder 1.4   (details) 48 ENG   5 KB / 1 KB
Another simple cryptography program.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-08

CutRPL and StripRPL   (details) 48 ENG   4 KB / 1 KB
Two programs which cut unnecessary code from RPL programs (like \<\< and \>\>) to reduce the size of the programs as well as speed them up.
By Philippe Colbach and Simone Rapisarda. 1998-06-08

Gateway 2.8   (details) 48 ENG   10 KB / 2 KB
Startup password protection program with 4-digit password. For the S series prior to revision J. Beta version 2.8; also includes the stable version of 2.7.1.
By Erik Bryntse and Simone Rapisarda. 2008-08-16

HTrim   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
HOME directory variable hider utility.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2008-08-06

Keeper 1.8   (details) 48 ENG   4 KB / 1 KB
Allows you to protect the contents of a RAM card, so that if someone else puts the card into their calculator they would not be able to use the contents.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-08

Key Table   (details) 48 ENG   4 KB
Lists the key assignments on the 48S series that are useless at certain times and thus ready to be reassigned.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2008-08-17

KYLIB   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 2 KB
A key assignments utility library, a subset of SmartKeys, for both the S and G series.
By Simone Rapisarda and Joseph K. Horn. 2017-08-04

MDef 1.0   (details) 48 ENG   2 KB / 1 KB
Macro Definer to speed up programming.
By Simone Rapisarda. 1997-08-21

MODE Menu   (details) 48 ENG   5 KB
Explains how to add menu items like those found in the MODE menu.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2008-08-17

Null Programs   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB
Explains how to execute a program while there is a command line.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2008-08-17

Prot   (details) 48 ITA   1 KB / 1 KB
Another program to prevent you from accidentally turning on the calculator, forcing you to immediately press ENTER after pressing ON, or it will turn back off again.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-06-28

SmartKeys 1.59Get It   (details) 48 ENG   33 KB / 6 KB
ScreenshotA key assignment and custom menu toolkit. Very good software, including comprehensive documentation and both G and S versions.
By Simone Rapisarda and Joseph K. Horn. 1999-05-12

Spaghetti   (details) 48 ITA   5 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotMakes your HP speak Italian, by translating most messages. For the S series.
By Simone Rapisarda. 1998-04-21

String to Global   (details) 48 ENG   1 KB / 1 KB
Converts a string into a global name.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-08

Strings in ROM   (details) 48 ENG   10 KB
Lists the entry points of many of the strings (other than messages) found in the S series ROM.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-01

Strip 1.1   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Reduces the amount of memory User RPL programs take by stripping off excess \<< and \>> delimiters, as well as IF and UNTIL and excess END keywords.
By Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-09

Tetris   (details) 48 ENG   5 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotYet another Tetris implementation.
By Rob Prior and Simone Rapisarda. 2017-07-08

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