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FUMO - DSP Toolbox 0.025f   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   202 KB / 7 KB
ScreenshotFUMO contains functions allowing digital signal processing. It allows sampling typical or user defined signals, applying window functions, applying FFT (or DFT) transform, convolve, zero-pad, and get frequency, phase or group delay responses. Documentation also in Polish.
By Przemyslaw Holubowski. 2017-02-09

SENU - Simple ENcoding Utility 0.1   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   7 KB / 1 KB
Simple ENcoding Utility allows one to (de)cipher strings.
By Przemyslaw Holubowski. 2017-02-09

Two-Port Network Utilities 0.20a   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   92 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotContains functions useful for calculations related to two-port networks. Current version is first standalone. Includes both Polish and English documentation. Now requires free registration.
By Przemyslaw Holubowski. 2003-07-27

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