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Advanced Payments 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   13KB/9-19KB
Calculates loans with advanced payments (for example, a 60 month loan with 3 advance payments), giving the monthly payment (less the advance) and calculating the monthly and annual yield (rate). Also calculates the payment of a loan with residual value (for payment and yield, with the IRR method).
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2016/08/03

Amort 1.0   (details) Prime FRA   8KB/31KB
ScreenshotCalculates an amortization schedule for loans, given the interest rate, the amount borrowed, and the duration of the loan.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017/04/27

APR 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/4KB
Calculates the fees for a mortgage as percentile "points" %, fix amount or both.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2016/08/03

Bonds   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/7KB
Calculates price and yield of a Bond. The program treat bonds with coupons paid annually or semi-annually (or other ends) and also "zero bonds", both for "actual year" and "financial year" (30/360).
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2015/08/20

Cash Flow 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   15KB/8-27KB
ScreenshotCalculate cash flow operations (IRR, MIRR, NPV). The program is presented in two versions: the first gives three routines to calculate (Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Modified Internal Rate of Return, like that in the HP 12C); the second has a menu-based interface with only one command, Cash_Flow, that runs the same routines internally.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2016/08/03

Code Editor 1.1 Beta   (details) Prime ENG   14KB/35KB
ScreenshotAn early beta of a new code editor, with line numbers and syntax highlighting.
By Chong Wang. 2017/02/11

CSV 0.1   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/16KB
Loads and parses CSV files and strings.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Depreciation   (details) Prime ENG   8KB/18KB
Calculates the depreciation of an asset with the methods of SL (straight line), DB (declining balance) and SOYD (Sum of the Year Digits), giving cost of fixed asset, residual value (salvage v.) and useful life of asset (years). The program exports tables of depreciation as matrices: D_SLmat, D_DBmat, D_SOYDmat, and (for DB method) the "full end rate", D_DBendRate.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2015/08/20

Distance, Speed, Time   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/9KB
Distance, speed, and time calculator. Enter two of the values and this solves for the missing value.
By Bernard Michaud. 2017/12/17

Effective and Nominal Rate   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/2KB
Calculates the effective and nominal interest rate (both finite and compound).
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2015/08/20

Fick Cardiac Output   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Uses the Fick cardiac output equations to calculate CO (Cardiac Output in L/min), SV (Stroke Volume in ml), CI (Cardiac Index in L/(min/m^2)), and SI (Stroke Index in ml/m^2) given the inputs Ca (Arterial blood oxygen (O2) content percentage), CvO2 (Venous blood oxygen (O2) content percentage), VO2 (Oxygen compulsion (in ml per pure oxygen gas per minute, STPD)), HR (Heart Rate in beats per minute), height in cm, and weight in kg.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2017/04/15

Fingerspelling 0.3   (details) Prime ENG   13KB/25KB
Implements an accessibilty resource for the deaf and visually impaired, using AFiles. Fingerspelling graphics must be provided by the user (One per character).
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/06

IB Diploma Programme Exam Mode   (details) Prime ENG   756KB/2KB
Sets the Prime into the appropriate exam mode for International Baccalaureate (IB) exam use.
By Moravia Education. 2017/04/30

IMC - Indice de massa corporal 0.91   (details) Prime POR   90KB/296KB
Sample program to calculate the BMI (Body mass index), showing figures of the characters of the Simpsons for each weight range.
By João Leonardo Rozsas. 2015/07/26

IP Calculator 0.3   (details) Prime ENG   3KB/8KB
A simple IP calculator.
By Massimo A. Santin. 2014/10/18

Net Present Value   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/1KB
Calculates Net Present Value.
By Eddie W. Shore. 2014/10/22

Perfect Christmas Tree   (details) Prime FRA   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotPerforms common calculations related to putting up a Christmas tree.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2015/08/15

RPL 0.5 Alpha 6-Aug-17   (details) Prime ENG   217KB/806KB
ScreenshotAn early alpha release of a full RPL environment that runs on the Prime. The goal is to emulate the RPL functionality of the 48/49/50, while reusing as much of the existing Prime environment as possible.
By Jim Vaccaro. 2017/08/07

Simple Interest   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/10KB
Calculates simple interest (with inverse formulas) both for actual year and financial year (365 or 360 days). It can even calculate a difference between two dates and use it (as n) to calculate interest.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2015/08/23

TVM with Odd Period 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/15KB
Calculates time value of money for a loan with an "odd period" after the first payment. It calculates payment or rate (APR, Europe: TAEG) and interest for the days in the odd period, inputting the number of days or calculating a difference between two dates.
By Salvo Micciché (salvomic). 2016/08/03

Z Editor 0.3   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/6KB
An early attempt at an improved text editor that adds search functionality.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2015/09/18

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