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September 11th, 2016 Updated Emu42 to 1.20 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu42 Executables to 1.20 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu42 Source Code to 1.20 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu48 to 1.58 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu48 Service Pack to 58 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu48+ Service Pack to 56 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated HP Prime Virtual Calculator Emulator to 10637 (2016-08-29) on Prime/PC
Updated HP Connectivity Kit to 10637 (2016-08-29) on Prime/PC
Updated HP Prime Firmware to 10637 (2016-08-29) on Prime/PC
Updated Emu28 to 1.30 on 28/Programming
Updated Emu28 Service Pack to 30 on 28/Programming
Updated Touch Periodic Table to 3.1 (10077+) on Prime/Science
Added Métodos Numéricos H&WLabs to Prime/Math
Added ElectLibrary to Prime/Science
Added FETMOS to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added VECFIELDS to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added Units Convert H&WLabs to Prime/Utils
August 6th, 2016 Added Fingerspelling to Prime/Apps
Added Command Tree to Prime/Docs
Added Number of Triangles Puzzle to Prime/Games
Added Tower of Hanoi to Prime/Games
Added Base Conversion to Prime/Math
Added Coordinate Converter to Prime/Math
Added Gompertz Model to Prime/Math
Added Linear Solver+ App to Prime/Math
Added LSX Linear Solver to Prime/Math
Added Perimeter of an Ellipse to Prime/Math
Added Bessell to Prime/Math
Added SIMPRULE to Prime/Math
Added Special Products to Prime/Math
Added TRAPRULE to Prime/Math
Added Degree of a Polynomial to Prime/Math
Added Polynomial Homogeneous Test to Prime/Math
Added SIM8080 to Prime/Programming
Added ABM Quick Basic Electronic Equations to Prime/Science
Added ACBasicE to Prime/Science
Added Impedance Calculator to Prime/Science
Added Ladder to Prime/Science
Added MICROSTRIP to Prime/Science
Added Color Generator to Prime/Utils
Added RTable to Prime/Utils
August 5th, 2016 Updated Notepad++ HP PPL Support on Prime/PC
August 4th, 2016 Added Racer to Prime/Games
Added Card Sharks Odds to Prime/Games
Added Easy Matrix to Prime/Math
Added Linear Solver+ to Prime/Math
Added Simplex to Prime/Math
Added Carmichael Numbers to Prime/Math
Added Gradian Toolbox to Prime/Math
Added Hermite Interpolation to Prime/Math
Added Winsorising to Prime/Math
Added Control Systems Stability to Prime/Math
Added Z Periodic to Prime/Science
Added Geocaching Coords Solver to Prime/Science
August 3rd, 2016 Updated Advanced Payments to 2.0 on Prime/Apps
Updated APR to 2.0 on Prime/Apps
Updated Cash Flow to 2.0 on Prime/Apps
Updated TVM with Odd Period to 2.0 on Prime/Apps
Updated Gallery to 2.1 on Prime/Graphics
Updated Bode Plot on Prime/Graphics
Updated Singular Value Decomposition on Prime/Math
Updated Coordinate Conversion on Prime/Math
Updated Statistic Distributions on Prime/Math
Updated Astro Lab to 4 (10077+) on Prime/Science
Updated Effemeridi on Prime/Science
Updated Touch Periodic Table to 3.0 (10077+) on Prime/Science
Updated ZIPP to 0.6 on Prime/Science
Updated Entry Mode Switcher on Prime/Utils
Updated DFX to 1.2 (10077+) on Prime/Utils
Added Slopefield to Prime/Graphics
Added Area Calc to Prime/Math
Added Gauss-Jordan to Prime/Math
Added QTM to Prime/Math
Added Casio-Style ENG Button to Prime/Math
Added Taludes Bishop to Prime/Science
Added CNV to Prime/Utils
Added Stack to PICT to 49/50/Utils/Misc
Added String Library to Prime/Utils
Added Z LIGHTS to Prime/Utils
Added Z UNITS to Prime/Utils
Added Daylight to Prime/Utils
August 2nd, 2016 Updated Coordinates Converter to 1.0 on Prime/Math
Updated SLK (Straight Line Kit) to 3.3 on Prime/Math
Updated Droid48 to 1.61 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Droid48 Reader to 1.4 on 48/PC/Link
Updated HP 41 Assembler and Bar Code Generator on 48/PC/Programming
Added Vernici to 48/Apps/Misc
Added ChessMaster to Prime/Games
Added MAT 1105 FNI to Prime/Math
Added MCM to 48/Math/Numeric
Added ROND to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Flat HP 50g Emulator Skin to 49/50/PC/Emulators
Added HP 50g Windows 10 Touchscreen Interface to 49/50/PC/Emulators
Added Great Circle to 49/50/Science/Astronomy
Added Capacidade de Suporte do Solo to Prime/Science
Added CYPJL to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Libreta Electrónica to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Paralela to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Pniwa to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Sistema Pro Survey to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Vibraciones Mecanicas to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added ACDC to Prime/Science
Added Linear Binary Codes to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added Programa Diseño de Maquinas to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added Programa dispositivos electronicos Circuitos II to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added Programa Seccion Conductor Líneas Transmisión to 49/50/Science/Electricity
Added Armaduras Isostaticas to Prime/Science
Added Colebrook-White Fricción to Prime/Science
Added Movimiento rectilíneo variado paso a paso to 49/50/Science/Physics
Added Greek User Keyboard to Prime/Utils

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