What's New on hpcalc.org in 2017

April 22nd, 2017 Updated Hangman to 2.1.3 on Prime/Games
Added Flood It to Prime/Games
Added Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard to 49/50/Games/Misc
Added EQLu to 49/50/Math/Misc
Added Simple Logistic Regression to Prime/Math
Added Libreta to 49/50/Science/Civil
April 19th, 2017 Added Console Programmable RPN Calculator to 48/PC/Emulators
Added Tiny Encryption Algorithm to 49/50/Utils/Security
April 15th, 2017 Updated SolveSys to 1.000 on Prime/Math
Updated PrimeMon to 1.3 on Prime/PC
Added Fick Cardiac Output to Prime/Apps
Added Bode Magnitude Plot to Prime/Graphics
Added Method of Weighted Residual to 28/Math
Added Summation to 49/50/Math/Misc
Added HP Tools Source Code Patch to 48/PC/Programming
Added RPL-Tools to 48/PC/Programming
Added Shuffle to 49/50/Utils/Misc
Added Calendar Functions to Prime/Utils
March 18th, 2017 Updated Complex Plotting on Prime/Graphics
Updated Droid48 to 1.72 on 48/PC/Emulators
Added US Prime Keyboard Layout to Prime/PC
Added PrimeMon to Prime/PC
March 11th, 2017 Updated SolveSys to 0.900 on Prime/Math
Updated Equation Library Equation Source on 48/PC/Programming
Added 48GX Quick Start Guide in Greek to 48/Docs/Misc
Added 48GX User's Guide in Greek to 48/Docs/Misc
Added Rotating Graphics Objects to Prime/Programming
March 7th, 2017 Added HP Prime Font for LaTeX to Prime/PC
Added Equation Library Equation Source to 48/PC/Programming
Added Dosificaciones por Volumen de Materiales to 49/50/Science/Civil
March 5th, 2017 Updated SolveSys to 0.810 on Prime/Math
Added Parabolic Coordinates to Prime/Math
Added Parabolic Cylindrical Coordinates to Prime/Math
March 4th, 2017 Added Hill's Encryption System to 38/Math
Added HP Pioneers ROM Dumping to 48/PC/Emulators
February 27th, 2017 Updated Linalg (Linear Algebra) to 1.0 on 48/Math/Misc
Updated Jazz 50g to 1.255 on 49/50/Programming/Misc
Updated ClckAdjst to 3.1 on 49/50/Utils/Time
February 26th, 2017 Added Diagrama to 48/Science/Civil
Added FZViga to 48/Science/Civil
Added Hormigón to 48/Science/Civil
Added Metodo de Kani to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Pórticos RCV to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Sisload to 48/Science/Civil
Added Vigas (Con) to 48/Science/Civil
February 25th, 2017 Updated SolveSys to 0.810 on Prime/Math
Updated X48 for the Zaurus to 0.3 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated x49gp on 49/50/PC/Emulators
Added HP Journal article on the HP 48SX (PDF) to 48/Docs/Misc
Added Arabic to Pseudo-Roman Representation to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Champernowne Sequence to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Exact Integer Division to Integer Base to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Lah Numbers to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Lambert W Function to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Partition of Integer N in M Parts to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Quasi Monte Carlo Halton Sequence to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Series Factors of Natural Numbers to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Verbal Sequence to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Terminal View to 48/Utils/Interface
Added Algebraic to RPN to Prime/Utils
Added Beep from HP 41 to 49/50/Utils/Misc
Added Print Program to 49/50/Utils/Misc
February 21st, 2017 Added Rigidez Condensada to Prime/Science
Added Itema to Prime/Utils
February 20th, 2017 Updated Graph3D to 2.425 on Prime/Graphics
Updated SolveSys to 0.800 on Prime/Math
Added Hoppi to 49/50/PC/Link
February 16th, 2017 Updated Racer to V32 on Prime/Games
Updated SolveSys to 0.700 on Prime/Math
Updated Free42 for Linux (x86) to 1.5.13 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 for Macintosh Dashboard to 1.5.13 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 for PalmOS to 1.4.71 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 for Pocket PC to 1.4.71 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 for Windows to 1.5.13 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 PalmOS Skins to 1.4.71 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 Pocket PC Skins to 1.4.71 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 Skins to 1.4.77 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Free42 Source Code (Legacy) to 1.4.71 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated HP Prime Skins to 4.0 on Prime/PC
Added Starvault to Prime/Games
Added Iconmaster Tetris to Prime/Games
Added Air Hockey to Prime/Games
Added Walrus Animation to Prime/Graphics
Added Infinite Base Calc to 49/50/Math/Misc
Added Simplex to Prime/Math
Added Free42 Android Skins to 48/PC/Emulators
Added Free42 for Android to 48/PC/Emulators
Added Free42 for Macintosh to 48/PC/Emulators
Added Free42 iOS Skins to 48/PC/Emulators
Added Free42 Source Code to 48/PC/Emulators
February 15th, 2017 Updated Mastermind to 1.2.3 on Prime/Games
Updated Minesweeper to 1.4.3 on Prime/Games
Updated Hangman to 2.1.2 on Prime/Games
Updated Simon to 1.2.1 on Prime/Games
Added MinePrime to Prime/Games
Added Sinus Ranger to Prime/Games
Added Flappy Bird to Prime/Games
Added Lunar Lander to 49/50/Games/Arcade
Added Simon to 49/50/Games/Arcade
Added Snake to Prime/Games
Added Supersonic Ball to Prime/Games
Added Game of 15 to Prime/Games
Added Boolean to Prime/Math
February 11th, 2017 Updated Sudoku to 1.2b on Prime/Games
Updated Bode Plot on Prime/Graphics
Updated Graph3D to 2.424 on Prime/Graphics
Updated Simplex to 20.13 on Prime/Math
Updated Singular Value Decomposition on Prime/Math
Updated Curve Calculator on Prime/Math
Updated CARDUPL on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu71 Executables to 1.08 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu71 Setup to 1.08 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated Emu71 Source Code to 1.08 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated HP 82240B Simulator to 1.08 on 48/PC/Emulators
Updated HP Prime Virtual Calculator Emulator to 11226 (2016-12-08) on Prime/PC
Updated HP Connectivity Kit to 11226 (2016-12-08) on Prime/PC
Updated Touch Periodic Table to 3.2.1 (10637+) on Prime/Science
Updated Geocaching Coords Solver to 0.18 on Prime/Science
Updated Virtual Keyboard to 1.0 on Prime/Utils
Updated Setting Auto Shutoff to 1.0 on Prime/Utils
Added Code Editor to Prime/Apps
Added CSV to Prime/Apps
Added AlmostBlockOut to Prime/Games
Added Bejeweled to Prime/Games
Added Lunar Lander to Prime/Games
Added Slider TPPTB to Prime/Games
Added Base 10 - Base 12 Conversions to Prime/Math
Added Base Conversion to Prime/Math
Added Calculations with 3-Dimensional Vectors to Prime/Math
Added CC3D to Prime/Math
Added Coordinate Converter Ultimate to Prime/Math
Added Decimal to Any Base to Prime/Math
Added Forward Intersection to Prime/Math
Added Fun with Primes to Prime/Math
Added Mersenne Twister to Prime/Math
Added Orthogonal Matrix Test to Prime/Math
Added Pitch vs Angle to Prime/Math
Added Platonic Solids to Prime/Math
Added Polynomial Interpolation to Prime/Math
Added Power of Ten to Prime/Math
Added Pythagorean Triples to Prime/Math
Added SolveSys to Prime/Math
Added Solving Quadratic Equations Step-By-Step to Prime/Math
Added Z Std Maths to Prime/Math
Added Fiber Optics Equation Library to Prime/Math
Added LIFLS to 48/PC/Emulators
Added ROMUPL39 to 39/40/PC
Added HP Connectivity Kit for MacOS to Prime/PC
Added HP Prime Virtual Calculator for MacOS to Prime/PC
Added Code Viewer to Prime/Programming
Added Entry Method Tester to Prime/Programming
Added libList to Prime/Programming
Added LibMenu to Prime/Programming
Added Py4Calc to 49/50/Programming/Misc
Added Basic Planetary Data to Prime/Science
Added Observatories to Prime/Science
Added Z Astronomical Routines to Prime/Science
Added Ariete to 48/Science/Civil
Added F.Empi to 48/Science/Civil
Added HID1 to 48/Science/Civil
Added Pipe Flow to Prime/Science
Added Physics and Electronics to Prime/Science
Added Geodesy API to Prime/Science
Added Fiber Optics Equation Library to Prime/Science
Added Fortran IO to Prime/Utils
Added Z LST to Prime/Utils
February 10th, 2017 Updated SLK (Straight Line Kit) to 4.1b on Prime/Math
Updated Flat HP 50g Emulator Skin to 2.0 on 49/50/PC/Emulators
Added Tic-Tac-Max to Prime/Games
Added Vunit to Prime/Math
Added DIFFGEOM48 to 49/50/Math/Numeric
Added Interpolacion to Prime/Math
Added Interpolator to Prime/Math
Added Complete The Square to 49/50/Math/Symbolic
Added HP Prime Skins to Prime/PC
Added Programming Helper to Prime/Programming
Added Analisis de Curvas Topografia II to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Analisis de Redes Cerradas (Gradiente Hidraulico) to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Bombas to 48/Science/Civil
Added Circulo de Mohr 2D to Prime/Science
Added Costos y Presupuestos to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Diseño de Captacion de Manantiales to 49/50/Science/Civil
Added Matric to 48/Science/Civil
Added Pórticos to 48/Science/Civil
Added Series and Parallel Impedance Solver to Prime/Science
Added GPIC to 49/50/Science/Misc
Added Teclas Dedicadas to Prime/Utils

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